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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wetanduseless, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi all, I have a few questions Re officer entry and I figured registering on these forums would be a good way for me to tap into a whole wealth of knowledge and experience (and, from what i have noticed, a great deal of cynicism too :roll: :lol: ).
    Anyway i digress.
    The main issue I have is that I applied for aircrew officer (pilot/observer) last year, passed the SIFT interview in February this year but still have not heard anything from the nice people at the admiralty interview board.
    I was not expecting to have a date for FATs by now but i was at least hoping for some kind of confirmation.
    Can any one tell me from personal experience (or otherwise) how long I should expect to be left in the dark?
  2. Well it is normally around 8 weeks from your AFCO sending your paperwork to the AIB to hearing from them, but that is for non-aircrew candidates. I'm not sure what effect the need to do FATs has on the timeframe, give your ACLO a bell and ask for an update if you are 8 weeks from your sift.
  3. Well at least you got your screen name right! It varies depending on Careers Office, and time of year, if you want to just find out how things are going make sure you are not lost in the system, phone your ACLO and they can, in my experience, see where you are in the process.
  4. I had a call today from the Royal Navy recruitment centre here in Scotland saying they will be posting my application forms tomorrow. That's been about half a month from my formal interview. I have no idea when AIB is at the moment though.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not sure why it should take your OCLC a month to send your papers after passing the Sift Interview unless they were waiting for the production of academic certificates, academic results, your referees to respond or the completion & return of your Security Questionnaire or other correctly completed documentation.

    The advice to those waiting for AIB after passing their Sift Interview is to contact your OCLC & check that they have all the correctly completed documents or whether they are waiting on an action from you.
  6. Thanks! Will do! On the day of the interview I had to bring in my medical certificate and NI card so maybe it was the delay with that, but can't imagine it. Time's went so fasxt. I had my interview at the start of the month. Do we find out the dates of our AIB in the application letters?
  7. Cheers for the replies, just gave the ACLO a call and they provide me with the direct number to AIB, although i think i might hold off calling for another couple of weeks to save me coming across as an impatient little scrotum :wink: . I think the problem is the security clearance still hasn't come through, needless beaurocracy considering i have been in the RNR for 2 years already now :roll: . On another note, does anyone know on average how much time you have between taking FATs and taking AIB?
  8. Yeah, it's bizarre... SC both for RNR and RN, it's strikes me as a waste of time, but I guess it's the way the Navy works.
  9. I was told AIB would be 6-8 weeks after FATs. Don't feel as though they'll think you're impatient - a scrotum perhaps - but they're mostly very amiable ladies who deal with admin down there and are quite happy to tell you how your application is progressing.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Providing you have stayed in the RNR without any breaks, then your Security Clearance remains valid & is simply transferred to your new trade. There should be no delays with regard AIB pending the transfer of SC as it should only be transferred as you physically leave the RNR & start full time.

    Similarly, SC remains valid for 12 months when you leave the regulars or reserves.

    On a completely different tack, for some bizarre reason those requiring a CRB check need to get a separate one applicable to the job for which it's intended. CRB & SC are two totally different beasties.

    It doesn't.
  11. I wouldn't worry about phoning - have just had to give them a ring as I have my AIB on 16th of May and I've heard nothing about travel. But apparently everything's fine, and they were lovely on the phone. I suspect they get an awful lot of similar calls.

    As for time between FATs and AIB, I sat my FATs on the 2nd of February, so it can take some time to get a date.

    Hope this helps
  12. sat my FATs on 8th Feb and got AIB 3rd May. so about 11 weeks ish i think the wait was. FYI I also rang to check about tickets and appar they are sent 1-2 weeks before your board.

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