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Still seethin'


What bar steward nicked my push bike from Portland during workup on the 'Dicky Dido' in '71?
:mad: :mad: :mad:

Come on, I know you're out there. That was my pride and joy.
krip2454 said:
It was a chromed framed racer. Drop handlbars.....everything. It was the dogs bollox.

OK I was that Submariner wot nick yer wheels. Well I thought whats a cheapskate skimmer doing with a flash bike with a chrome frame. I cycled up to the Portland Heights Hotel where I was shagging the Head Chamber Maid. She took it home for her Old Man to get to his allotment.

OK its a fair cop I will go quietly Joss just don't hit me I bruise easily.

The bike is now parked, chained to a bollard minus most bits O/S the Avondale in Guzz, saw it there last week, knew the frame number. Or is it I was framed.

Nutty xxxxx

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