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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by matta12, Jan 2, 2011.

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  1. Hey does anyone no if the submarine service is still recruiting?
  2. Yes, it is.

  3. Thank you it's just I throught I read on here that applicants now just fill a form of interest out but dont do the pyscometeric test because of the waiting lists?
  4. You sat your RT last summer, though, didn't you?
  5. I failed the eyesight test, I have since had laser eye surgery to correct this and my 12 month deferal is nearly up :)
  6. Did you pass your RT with a score good enough for your chosen job?
  7. Yes did do you no the current waiting time for marine engineer in the subs. ?
  8. 18 months
  9. Thank you
  10. You're welcome.

    Listen, what I think you should do is touch base with your Careers Advisor and let him/her know that you are ready to pick things up again and ask him/her how he/she would like you to proceed eg he/she may want you to drop in and see him/her.

    You go through Leeds, don't you?
  11. Thanks yes I'm going through leeds I only have a month until it's been 12 months since my eye surgery. I will get back in touch on the 4 jan.
  12. Best of luck whatever happens buddy. Dont be a stranger, the waiting times, hiccups etc along the way are seriously depressing at times and having a place to grumble etc helps. Its the point of RR sometimes
  13. And that's an understatement!

    If things had gone to plan I'd be passing out in 6 weeks!

    Instead, it seems like I'm not likely to get in at all...
  14. Sad to here it what happened? I'd of been in a fair few months too if it wasn't for my eyesight, the waiting list for subs when I first applyied was under 6 months.
  15. I was offered the 28th November as a start date, but couldn't take it because of an unresolved medical issue. Hopefully the medical issue is getting sorted, but may mean a 12 month delay...
    but I'm 37 this month...

    And whilst I've been told that it's continuation of service for me and the upper age limit doesn't apply, I would still need an age waiver from Raleigh.
    My CA wasn't very hopeful of getting this...

  16. Aye, I served for a few years in the TA before leaving when I went to uni. Was a clean discharge with no reserve liability but somehow the Army Personnel Centre either cant find my file or wont share it. In the end all I was able to do is get a formal letter from the old TA unit stating my discharge type and all that. CA wasnt hopeful of permission to process being given without some form of letter etc so hope it will do. It would be gutting if Im rejected as I never did owt wrong when I was TA yet bereaucratic cockups/inflexibility are making me really nervous that I might not get in.

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