Still no help from OCLO. Anyone else able to?

Ok, so I've got my AIB coming up in a weeks time (19-21.07.09) and I STILL can't find a recent training pipeline for X(SM)! I've spoken to my OCLO numerous times and he has been no help. He told me he has a huge document of everything from beginning to end for the training of X(SM) but it's far too detailed for my requirements. I was then told he is too busy to compile a condensed version that would be suitable. I thought these guys are supposed to be the place to go to get OFFICIAL information? At this rate I'm going to turn up at HMS Sultan knowing everything I can about the Navy except what I expect to be doing in it!

I've searched and found this link, but it's a little dated as BRNC has changed and CFT merged with IST to form IFT.

So far I have:

BRNC - Term 1 2x14 weeks
Term 2 10 weeks IFT
4 weeks then pass out

Initial Warfare Officer (Foundation) Course (IWO(F))

Initial Warefare Officer's Navigation Course (IWONAV)

Specialist Fleet Time (SFT)

Basic Submarine Warfare Course

Join First Boat as PT3 Trainee

This is rather guestimated and compiled from bits and pieces of information. I have no idea how accurate this is and wonder if anybody can help me out with an recent and accurate training pipeline. I have previously posted asking for help but as the pressure is most definitely on I'm having to ask again.

Any submariners out there know? Ninja_Stoker? supermario? ........Anybody?




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Your OCLO sounds appalling. You've got all the big parts correct, though. I'll ask around to get some more detail for you.


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Please PM me with the OCLC/ACLO details.

As to the new training pipeline it has changed considerably. I will try and track down the new RNTM and get a copy posted on here (it is UNCLASS before anyone worries. I will check with an Oppo who runs one of the recruitment areas and see if new information has been published on this.

In the meantime any Term 1 or Term 2 cadets at BRNC help???


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Your OCLO sounds appalling. You've got all the big parts correct, though. I'll ask around to get some more detail for you.
By the power of Greyskull, that's one obscure & random post to resurrect 3 months later!

Wonder if he passed?

The role of the ACLO has changed since September 1st & they will usually have no contact with Officer applicants until after the Recruiting Test, Medical & PJFT - namely at the sift interview, at which time they will identify the weaker areas requiring further research. The role of the ACLO was never that of providing a sheet of questions & answers to give specific applicants the full depth of research required.

Potential Officers are meant to take the initiative & do the research from the information readily available - if the information on the website is inadequate then the applicant cannot be blamed for reciting it incorrectly. Again moaning about a future potential employer in the public domain is probably not the wisest way to get selected.
I honestly despair the way everyone flaps and gets into a tizzy everytime they can't find the answer to some obscure sh*t that just needs a bit of commonsense.

We had an orificer come onto a course and he knew everything about the course, training, test areas, exercise scenarios, basically the full 6 part documentation, (I know I know we don't use 6 part doc anymore). He failed the course because he couldn't / wouldn't learn what was being taught, he wanted to apply his knowledge, gleaned from all sorts of forums and the dreaded wiki, to the task in hand.

If you have the aptitude and the ability, the training will qualify you for the job they are employing you for. simples !!

My oppo is a teacher at a grammar school, they can spot a child that has been coached and tutored to help pass the 11+, cos once that get past the first term they struggle like f*kc.

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