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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by tansonic, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Had/have a wonderful life, bit dull since my stroke which has placed restrictions on my mobility,shouldn't drink, smoke,cant poke,keep falling off, what the hell! rules are made for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools!? Three marrages, two divorces and four children aged forty five to fourteen.Gand children? love to know?! Royal Navy,oil rigs and central Africa has taken it's toll Sill believe you only get out of life what you put in, I'm still not broke. Brought up with discipline and respect for other people. I'm an advocate to bring back corpral and capital punishment, I'm sure it would reduce crime. DNA is the answer it reduces any doubt. No not a politition just strong views and opinions
    Hope this blogg promps some responce.

    Copied from blogs (original entry) - post comments here.
  2. Welcome in tansonic. Whilst none of us are especially good with the technology to begin with it gets easier as you go along.

    Don't always bank on a response to your posts - that's down to the subject and the interest levels of the day and who's around, but it shouldn't stop you getting stuck into some of the others, old and new.

    After all, there is nothing quite like a bit of banter.

  3. hello tansonic. interesting name, care to share how you came about it.

    jump in join the foray, expect banter to range from funny to insipid ans sometimes down right strange. but hey thats us

  4. I once knew a matelot called Bloggs. ;) Now on the Latin bit, I must warn you that some of us on here know that whilst there are such concepts as in res, res publica, etc, there is nothing recorded in any of my learned books that refers to res ponce! :biggrin:

    Returning to your opinions. DNA "evidence" is nothing without corroborate witness testimony. Capital punishment is very unfair upon dyslexics who have difficulty in reading without the addition of capitals. Corporal punishment really isn't applicable here: this is Rum Ration. How can we punish Corporals when we only have Leading Rates in the Navy? Now ask the same question on AARSE and you may meet with universal derision, wet fish and have the odd prawn sarnie tossed in your direction. ;)

    PS: Welcome on board NOZZER! :twisted:
  5. So tansonic, see how diverse, yet strangely unthreatening we all are?


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