Still have .303's on ships?

Discussion in 'History' started by WhizzbangDai, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. I was chatting to a (supposed) RN Officer today, and he said that all ships still carry some Lee Enfield .303's because SA80's are too short to be effective when repelling boarders with a bayonet.

    Have I been waah'd? Seems to me 30 rounds of 5.56 is more useful than a bolt action rifle with a sword bayonet?
  2. did he also tell you that stokers still shovel coal on board some of HM ships?
  3. I'd be the last member of the platoon ascending the ladder to the weather deck with 'swords' fixed..!!!
  4. They have to shovel won't go through the fuel pumps..!
  5. If 303's are still used, they are probably used for firing the first line from ship to ship prior to a RAS. (Replenishment At Sea).
    As for repelling boarders. HA!
  6. Bah, lol I suspected as much, (honest!)

    but there are so many little idiosyncracies in the British Forces you never know.
  7. I thought it would have been that great classic weapon the SLR for that evoloution.
  8. Sure used to be, unless they came up with something else to hurl the donkeys plonker across with, since 5.56 blanks and the SA80 barrel seem to fail in that respect..... The only time dabbers are allowed out with a rifle, its got blanks and a big dobber on the end.....
  9. Not an expert on this, having never taken part in a RAS, but it seems the SA80 is used.
  10. ...using Soft Nose Projectile (SNP)??
  11. SA80 is used now.
    The SLR was used before.

    Offshoot of them being able to fire rifle grenades.
  12. Was his name Norman?
  13. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The SLR replaced the .303 across the board in 1967 (and the Stirling the Lanchester) but I seem to remember that, at leastinitially, a .303 was retained for the Costen gun line (fired a brass bolt about a foot long with the line attached.
  14. Utter bollox's
  15. I remember watching the H&S video a while ago. Had them doing a RAS and showing why you do as your told with the bolt bouncing around till connecting with someones nuts. However i digress, that was fired with a SLR so it had the capability.
  16. That is correct.
  17. I think the reason the 303 was retained at least at first for the costoin gun line was that the 'line throwing rifle' was not used for ordinary bullets as the barrel was a trifle mucked about by the brass rod being fired out of it. The gun line rifles were not replaced by SLRs until they had a few scruffy SLRs for the purpose. Mind you I never served in a surface ship with SLRs anyway.

    I think the SA80 is different because they us the 40mm grenade laucher bit rather than stuffing a bit of brass rod down the barrel and firing a blank to chuck it out.
  18. We certainly still used a .303 on my last ship in '69.
  19. IIRC, the No4.s were smooth bored and fired big brass rod using a blank. SLR's and SA80's use a modification of their Blank Firing Adaptors so you don't need a modified barrel.
  20. Only know for sure the LE .303 was the chosen weapon for lugging about above yer head when on no.9 punishment!! Ferking heavy barstwerd thing!

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