stil waiting


War Hero
If I send you my bank transfer thingy, you can send me all that you want!!!
:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: ....couldn't resist that!!


War Hero
oohhh you bad boys...
to clarify
I would like to donate to my seconde home but need the CO's to get the bank tranfer thingy working............
and no im not send you any money ,,or paying any money till i get some pix,,lol :twisted: :twisted: :shock: :oops:


War Hero
Put your hard earnt money in to spelling and grammer lessons Josie.When you have them pass over the details to me because I am just as bad.


You tell them Josie , see you up club for a dance to Bruce next w/e or the w/e after , will give you a shout ok , :wink:

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