Stiff List 2021


War Hero
Yes. And not even fit to lick the tyres of the likes of Sir Jackie Stewart. Brabham. Stirling Moss. Etc etc. Who were all well mannered men. As were Nikki Lauda and James Hunt. Serial shagger; however from a different mould.
Just started a thread on my pal as not to crayon on this one.
This all smacks as a bit of ism chaps - which champions are nice people - schumacher certainly wasn't he was an arse, Ronnie O'Sullivan - tosser, Vettel, Alonso, Rosberg all gits..............why Lewis he is just the same as all of them really
Mmm yes, but what about 'Champion, the Wonder Horse?' Surely he was more than just OK.

(and made an excellent pot of glue when his time was up, not many other Champs can say that!)


War Hero
Let's get going for 2021.
Diana Ross, Bernie Ecclestone, Jimmy Greaves, Rick Stein. And Bernard Cribbins doesn't look too well either.


Lantern Swinger
I’m surprised Joe Biden isn’t on this list, Phil the Greek has been sidestepping the reaper for years, he’s a legend and I hope he hits a ton...



War Hero
Sorry to disagree. He’s on a different level. As far as being a [email protected] goes. My opinion of course. However, he has a strong sense of entitlement, plays the BAME card at the drop of a hat, took offence at being denied entry to Wimbledon for being incorrectly dressed, as though he is some sort of special case, amongst other faux pas. Lectures other drivers and makes demands that they take a knee, before the off. And all the while, presumably unaware of the irony of the fact that the team that he drives for used slave labour aplenty in WW 2. Not black labour per se, but Roma, Hungarian, Czech, Jewish etc etc. So. A prize [email protected] in my book. Happy to debate the fact however.
And an add on from moi!!!

He and he alone, 'elected' to be recognised as black. Not mixed race which is indeed what he is.
Personally wouldn't give a rats arse if he was red with a tinge of green, he'd still be a Pratt!!!

Anyway, Mrs W thinks he's gay. And in my world, she's never wrong. (She says).