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War Hero
Charlie Whiting - Formula 1 official, has died in Melbourne.
He'll be much missed. No track was used, no car was raced, no race was started without Charlie's say-so. Not to mention in-race issues and resolving technical disputes. A much respected man.


War Hero
Niki lauda. 70.

And apologies for the following.

Mumbled question: "What was the name of that racing driver who fought back to win after being badly burnt in a crash? Niki.......?"

Answer: "Lauda."

Shouted question: "WHAT WAS THE NAME OF........."

I did apologise.


War Hero
It was after the crash that pork scratchings started getting called Nicki Lauda's earholes on the boat I was on at the time.

Took some guts to get back in the seat 40 days afterwards though.
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