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Seems that poor Tinky Winky may have, ermm, 'popped substance(s)' prior to popping his clogs...

<<...A coroner has ordered toxicology reports for the Teletubbies actor found 'frozen to death' in the street as former neighbours revealed fears over his drinking.

Simon Shelton Barnes, who starred at Tinky Winky in the children's show from 1998 to 2001, died of hypothermia after collapsing in Liverpool...>>
I think her death was not unexpected locally, but it's still an end of a particular era. The Yorkshire TV programme which featured her farm in Baldersdale was an eye-opener for many, particularly for those who still thought the North East was a land of cloth caps, pigeons, whippets and slag heaps. In fact, upper Teesdale is staggeringly beautiful, although harsh for anyone trying to eke out a living on a smallholding.

In latter years Hannah lived in a retirement home in the village of Cotherstone (it used to be in Yorkshire, but as a result of boundary changes in the early 70s is now in County Durham). At the time of her death, she was being looked after in a care home.

I never met her, but her story certainly had an impact on me - my mother's family was from County Durham and I have known the area around Baldersdale since I was a boy. And a cousin of mine, after divorce, married into the Hauxwell family.

RIP Hannah.
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