Stiff List 2017

..Poor old soul, blimey what a joke
Hat blown off in a cloud of smoke
Clap hands, stamp your feet
Banging on the big bass drum
What a picture, what a picture
Stick it in your family album

The same thing happened long ago
When man was in his prime
And what went on we only know
From the snaps he took at the time
When Adam and Eve in their birthday suit
Decided to get wed
As Adam was about to taste the fruit
The man with the camera said


You've read it in a folio
Or seen it in a Shakespeare play
How Juliet fell for Romeo
In the merry month of May
And as he climbed the orchard wall
To reach his lady fair
As he tumbled she began to bawl
As he floated through the air


King Henry the Eighth had several wives
Including Anne Boleyn
And he kept an album of their lives
With all their photos in
As Anne Boleyn was on her knees
Dressed in her very best frock
King Henry shouted, "Smile dear, please"
As her head rolled off the block


When Napoleon married Josephine
There was just the same to do
He galloped home from the battle scene
All the way from Waterloo
And as he came from off his horse
To the boudoir where she sat
She said to him, in French of course
As he took of his big cocked hat


Stick it in your family
Stick it in your family
In your family album
Would that have slowed the rate of inflation?
Potential thread drift, but answer is justified in connection with the death of the old penny. Decimalisation was inevitably responsible for some inflation. It does not take an Einstein to realise that moving from 240 pennies to the pound to a system based on 100 new pennies to the pound was going to be inflationary. The old system had ha'pence, too, whilst the new half penny was quickly binned. We were assured that some prices would be rounded up, and some rounded down - hollow laugh. Bring back old pounds, shillings and pence!
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