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Met David Bowie in a lift in Bermuda (late 90's), I was in with my boss and David and his wife got in. My boss said "Alright Dave", to which he shook our hands and said "I'm alright son, how are you?". He seems really down to earth. We were both in rig and he thanked us for our service etc.


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David Bowie was hugely talented and I'm sorry he joined the Stiff List. But I'm beginning to cringe at the amount of media coverage his death has generated.
It's Princess Dianagate "proper peoples' mourning" innit?

I'm thinking of setting-up a shrine in my garden for Him and Lemmy. Lemmings are cordially invited to attend, for a small admission fee.


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I wrote on ARRSE: now that Bowie has died, rock groupie grief whores may apply some perspective to the relative status and talent of Lemmy. Compare the media coverage. Bowie's obituary was, for all his originality, talent and charm; perhaps a bit too much for any popular musician below the late Sinatra.

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