Stiff List 2015


Lantern Swinger
I know its a few days until 2015 but we might as well get started.
Here's my picks for 2015

George W Bush Senior, phenomena
Ken Dodd, live on stage
Sean Connery, great white shark
Ed Millibland, by sniper rifle by someone called David
Alex Salmond, by haggis
My neighbours daughters boyfriend if he chucks another fagbutt in my drive, I though he had followed through after the bollocking I have just given him! Cnut

The posh little boyband lookalike prob has a butler to pick them up normally.

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Bill Murray
Bruce forsythe ( please )
Sir Ian mckellan
Phil the Greek
John travolta
Micheal palin or another member of the monty python team
George bush snr
And hopefully this undesirable
Who is the top man in Isis, I predict his as death as by drone
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Whoever's still upright, with a beating blood-pump and a pulse, that used
to be in "THE WALTONS". I know a fair few of 'em are toast already, but
I'm betting that another one will croak............soon.

(As near as I can tell - there's three of 'em worm food, not including the dog)
My Japanese Milf neighbour, saw her today on her extension roof (I saw extension, it's more like a lean too), trying to patch up a leak.
It was pissing down and she was trying to lay a roll of felt, and cover it with small paving slabs!
I would have offered to help but she has both her sons home at the moment!

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