Stiff at the BBC

Stiff at the BBC

Couple of nights ago saw the above progam on BBC3. Amongst a whole load of bits from old Top of the Pops was a link with Jimmy Saville and two "RN" T shirted ladies. He was wearing a wrens cap with a PRESIDENT cap tally. Can any one remember? Were they WRNR, or WRNS? When did all naval personnel in London cease wearing PRESIDENT cap tallies, for that matter?
Rosina wrote: And there was me thinking this was a really, really, really rude thread!

Definitely just your mind at work here. :lol:

You try studying European and Contract Law! It is sooo dull! Even mowing the lawn or doing the washing up is more exciting.

So to paraphrase the words of Sir Terry Wogan 'more RR, more'
Rosina wrote: You try studying European and Contract Law! It is sooo dull! Even mowing the lawn or doing the washing up is more exciting.

Sorry Rosie, fell asleep at the word Contract ....

So you admit that you do fantasise about me?

It would never work you know - masking tape chafes against my skin, not big on cats and the wife wouldn't be too pleased.

I thought it was going to be some random dead body being found at television central, was hoping it might be any of them presenters on Cbbc that insist in shouting instead of talking
Watch a lot of CBBC then Womps? :roll:

Well more Ceebies to be honest, but thats what you get with a toddler in the house.


My name is wompers and I'm 27 and my secrect shame ( apart from once queing to get in to jesters on a wednesday night before it had even opened) is that I still like to watch CBBC and sponge bob square pants and Mr Bean the animated series.

Something like 2/3 member of the newsround audiance are adults who haing failed to understand a news item when it was reported on the main news have tuned into newsround for a simpler view point.

I also don't like the black guy who does newsround because he never blinks.
I knew the title would get a bit of a reaction.(That is why I watched it in the first place. Only to find out it was about Stiff Records.) But, children, please! I thought you Londoners might be able to answer my question about President cap tallies.

EAGLET once had a former Chief Wren Reggie on TV going on about her days in the Cavern.
rosinacarley said:
Come to think of it the PO Stoker would likely get a bit (more) grumpy! Especially as its his birthday today!
21 today? I hope you had all his oppos round and baked a large rum impregnated choco-cake in the shape of an oversize cock wrench. What have you bought him this time? An extra-large bondage teddy wrapped in masking tape and smothered in pussyscran or the complete Hitchikers Guide to DIY without using the Hypervelocity Drive? I hope you kissed him from the tip of his toes all the way to the tips of his fingers before he had his cold shower this morning Rosie?
Steve I think that you suffer from an over active imagination! I bought him a rugby shirt from M&S and 2 scones to eat with jam and clotted cream. I did not kiss him this morning as he got up at 0415 for the early train. There will be no kissing this evening as he appears to be in a very bad mood this evening, so my plans of dressing up and surprising him will have to wait for another day!
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