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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrisj09, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. seeing as i wont be going in till about april next year, looks like i have to get a job ive tried everywhere though but they simply wont take me , i could go back to 6th form and do as level but i dont want to do that. any idea on what i could do for the next 10months?
  2. Just get a crappy job, in a bar, golf course, grass cutter... Anything, don't tell them you're leaving in 10 months. 10 months is probably longer than the majority stick the job anyway.
  3. Why should it be up to us to decide what you do? You're planning to join the armed forces, an occupation for men not children. It's about time you started thinking for yourself. I struggle to believe you can't get any job, even if it's something at a low level. You might not want to go to go to 6th form but qualifications always look good and show that you are investing in your own personal developement. It's up to you whether you do something constructive or sit around with your thumb up your arse, not us.
  4. Just take anything mate, I had to work in fcuking Lazer Quest before I joined up. I spent all day watching Games Workshop freaks and Hen Parties get overly moist whilst trying to stop the local chavs from robbing the fruities. But it's cash in your pocket and stops you drinking yourself to death.
  5. Become the new and improved Ronald McDonald.....simple!
  6. For a really sticky situation you could become a Rent boy :p
  7. Mac Doinnalds employs 200 people a day I am sure you could be one of those. Its not fun work its bloody tiring boring pointless shoving more and more crap down the throughts of obese chavs but its not bad pay for what it is. Its the summer season so theres fruit picking or later in the year xmass factory jobs packing etc. There is owrk out there you just have to be prepared to swallow your pride and crack on.
  8. Stand for Parliament in the forthcoming Norwich byelection. You could apply to be a school cleaner. It would be good experience for Raleigh :biggrin:

    Slim's after a houseboy at present. Free board and lodging in return for discretion and maybe more ;)

    Male escorts can be well paid but it's risky. You know how vicious scorned women can be! :twisted:

    You could take up baby sitting which would be good training for cleaning sick off the messdeck after your first run ashore and reading bedtime stories to matelots old enough to be your grandad (40+).

    Or you could do a normal job like claiming benefits :roll:
  9. To paraphrase Wrecky: I'm game! What do you pay for an evening's hard slog? :sex:
  10. hey there chris. Just thought id comment as it applies to me as well. I've got 3 jobs and they are all aware that i wont be there forever. You should go for it in my opinion, working in a boring civie job everyday makes me want that first day of training to start even sooner. Good luck bud
  11. If you're 18 and not a complete social retard (which you most likely aren't, since you got into the navvy) I suggest working in a pub. There is less of a social stigma attached than working in McDonalds and the girls you'll work with will almost certainly be hotter, thus making the days go quicker. In fact I think they take glass collectors at 17 in many places - I know this because in my local there's a gorgeous girl of questionable age who isn't allowed to serve drinks but helps out with food, tidying up etc.
  12. Would that be council,......or private? 8O 8O :D
  13. I suppose to findout the advantages of both one would have to ask a member of parliament known to have used the services of these rent boys.
    I would imagine a Labour member prefers a bit of rough and would opt for the Council rent boy while the true blue Tory would require a private one, possibly from Eton as he would possibly already know all positions required. :p
    Personally I have no use for either a council or private rent boy, however a rent girl may be useful, so long as i don't have to give her too much out of my pension. :oops:
  14. If you do live in Plymouth as your addy says then getting at the least a summer job should be a piece of piss.

    Your simply not trying hard enough laddy!!!!! :wink: :lol: :lol:

    Failing all else, go back to school. At least you'll be active and not in some vegetive state when you do join.
  15. You haven't tried everywhere. That's impossible.

  16. Chris

    As your interests are mountain biking, footy and rugby, what about drawing up a CV with a good covering letter (tailored to each retailer) and then making up a list of the local shops which sell sports goods? Put on your smartest stuff and then visit them in person to drop off your letter and CV (makes you more memorable than just sending it in the post).

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