Hello all.

I am thinking of applying for assistant steward once they begin intake for the positions. What I want to know is what the selection process is like for assistant stewards.

Are the results for the recruitment test the same as say deck rating/motorman?

Do they look to recruit people who have past experience in a similar role i.e hospitality,catering?

Would having experience working in a industrial bakery be an advantage?

What is college like?

What is day to day like on board a ship?

All pro's and con's would be good to hear also.

Im kinda torn between applying for either assistant steward or deck rating. That's why I am asking so many questions haha.

Thank You.
Best Regards.


Lantern Swinger
As far as day to day as a Steward goes, look on the Joining The RFA? thread, page 20. Megalopteron gave a brilliant insight for me.

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