Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by King_of_RR, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Ive just had a brief 5 minute look at the royal navy website. Im gonna apply for steward cause i like cleaning and im a waitor now. I will ring the royal navy to ask, but what office, as im from south africa? what job will i get in quicker as? i will apply for that one.
  2. Fcuk off Nails.
  3. Nails? please explain?
  4. He has already explained, fcuk off Nails.
  5. Do you like being a fat mans bitch? Sucking a cock or two? Take it up the shitter? Folding mens sherdies?

    The Steward my friend is for you.
  6. Most of you are vey rude. I reckon i could knock you all down at once if i met you all. Your all mouth on computer but your mummy's pussy face to face.
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  10. Im going to stop here. If i get angry i can be really horrible! just warning you to stop now.

    Many thanks.
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  12. Ill be back to sort you out later. I have to go in abit. I use my time well instead of wasting it on mongs.
  13. O please don't leave I may weep.

  14. Step One: Practice peeling grapes (Seedless Variety).

    Step Two: Inquire & Apply HERE:

    ie Try S African Navy.
  15. Fcuk me, Im sh1tting myself now.
  16. Me to shippers.

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