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I have my application in for catering / steward assistant and I’m just wondering if anyone knows approximately how many vacancies they are actually recruiting for. There’s not a lot of info on here regards the branch, do they usually have a shortage of applicants or is it the opposite?


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Previous courses use to comprise of 8 students i think and that's going back 3-4 years ago. There has been no steward training over the last couple of years so there has been little talk of the branch on here until this recent recruitment drive.
Great branch to be in, to be fair. Good training and good promotion prospects, from what I hear. It's also something that you can build-on when you decide that you've had enough of the sea and make your start in civvy life.
Thanks guys, so I guess if they haven't had to recruit for a couple of years retention is very good. Anyone else on here going for steward.


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I'm with you taggs. There's a bit more info on a stewards typical day on a previous thread if you use the search function. Megalopteron is your man, message him if you're struggling to find any info.
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Cheers 5oclockhero, I'm ex-rn (long time ago) so I think I have a fairly decent idea of what the job entails, I am curious though as to how many applicants there could be in relation to how many vacancies there actually are.


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Not sure we'd ever know that taggs. Could be a big recruitment drive cos there hasn't been one for a while, could just be a few places. I'm as curious as you, so I'll be watching this thread incase any "inside" info crops up. I think on a previous thread it was said there's about 3 interviewed per position. Good luck with your app, but I suppose you could be my competition, lol.
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