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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ISeeThreeShips, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi Rum Rationers!

    I've been searching the forum for my question but can't seem to find a satisfying answer. So here it goes.

    What else is involved with Steward training at HMS Raleigh? I've been on the Royal Navy website, but there's so little information on there, that it doesn't really help:thumbdown:

    Thanks Oppos! :D
  2. You will be summoned to your DO's chair and he will explain the following....


    Also Google the wages of divers...chuckle !!!!
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  3. Thanks, that's great.
  4. Not a dig, not a bite- Do we REALLY need stewards in this lean,modern navy? I appreciate certain high profile functions abroad etc that require them,but in an overall percentage of their careers it's not much time spent carrying out these roles.

    On Hunts the wardroom manage to feed themselves and clean their own cabins so why can't the rest of the mob??
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  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hands off, Jim! :shock:

    Stewards are my best source of dirt on occifers' shenanigans and Wardroom buzzes... :twisted:
  6. You have a point!
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  7. It's about privilege. The same privilege that means CPOs have better cabins than POs, and the lads/lasses are in large mess decks. One of the perks about being an Officer is that your food is served to you and someone else does the hoovering. And I can defend that because I have never once served in a ship that didn't have at least 1 UY/SUY in the Wardroom. Access to this privilege is simply dependant upon passing the AIB - a task 1000s of sailors have done.

    If you want to take this privilege away, how else will we differentiate between ranks and rate? Perhaps cap POs and CPOs pay to ensure every Sub Lt and Lt gets paid more than them? The RN is a hierarchy, unless we wish to change that there will always be people who dip in less than others!
  8. Call me a bluff old traditionalist, but how about by natural leadership. Surely that's better than having a piss pot juggler as your leadership and rank differential facilitator?
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  9. Because frankly about 5% of the RN (AB1 and above) are natural leaders; lots more are good at Command and Management. You want to make moving out of the mess deck into the Killicks gulch reliant solely on Leadership?

    Most of what we do isn't reliant on 'natural' leadership.
  10. Exactly. Like a good percentage of the WR they rely on the AFA as their leadership tool.

    Anyway this isn't a hate officers thread. It's a genuine question regarding stewards in these austere times.
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  11. are so going to love civvy street!!!...having expensive sea going waiters to save you 30 secs every ******* meal time is rather extravagant.

    Your comment about capping pay shows you have no ******* idea of how the navy sound like you are over educated and under intelligent...a trait I have often seen in the officer branch. Luckily not all officers are such knobs.
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  12. These times are not 'austere': 4/5 Stds in a T23 is not a lot; sacking every JR Std wouldn't have made much of a dent in the required redundancy numbers. As a branch they do more than just clean my cabin, and thus the roles would need to be replicated somehow, probably at just the same cost.
  13. For Father Shitmas and his comment about people too thick for the seamans branch (and, per se, any other branch), the RT score for Std is higher than that for work it out.
  14. Wrecker, I would assume that's because the scores have been set by officers..and as such the officers are too bone idle to explain what they want doing and therefore want a higher calibre person to do the task.

    Waiting at tables is what most people did as a summer job..or making a bit of extra dosh on the's not a ******* career ffs !!
  15. I still haven't seen a decent answer as to why we need them apart from a "perk".
  16. I knew I'd get slated for asking the question^_~. I respect all your comments. My choice to join as a Steward is purely because I enjoy the hospitality role, with the added benefits of qualifications which are recognized in civi street. So to be able to join the Royal Navy, while doing a job you enjoy, that's dapper.
  17. They may be a perk, but if you start to take away perks, and that can cover many things, do you start to lose ambition

  18. Nigels need maintaining

  19. There a few perks left notwithstanding medical, dental etc. So why should we concern ourselves with grown men getting served food in a fighting outfit?

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