Steward Interviews


BTW I assume there will only be 1 intake following the interviews? Anyone got any ideas what sort of questions they are likely to ask for would be stewards other than cleaning tips??


Staying at the Best Western on Sunday night.
Like goose says, brush up on the RFA role, the ships names, numbers, crew numbers and roles.
When's your interview?

Hi 5oclockhero
Did you book into the Best Western yourself.
Will get my revision done!
My interview is on Tuesday.

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Hello All. Hope its not to late to jump on this thread. I have got my Steward interview on Tuesday in Portsmouth, really looking forward to it.
Currently I am learning the ships statistics. Tonnage, size, capacity. Will I need to be exact with my answer? For example, RFA Gold Rover is 140.6m x 19.25 x 7.29. If asked would they accept 140m x 19m x 7m? I know its a fickle question but I want to impress but at the same point I don't want to over load with detail if its not required.
Thanks for any help and good luck to anyone else that has an interview this week for the Steward's position.
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