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Steward intake May 2/Sep 2

Called in at my docs today, they are checking if they have my blood type on file so it'll save me either paying for a new test or trying to get my navy medical records set to me (Dont think they will accept a photo of my old dogs tags as proof lol). They are ordering my vaccinations in for next week which im glad are free just have to go to the nearest travel clinic and pay for the yellow fever, sooner i get that bit over with the better :( Going to start working through the bumpf this week end, need to get a new passport but my travel expenses will cover that when i finally get them back lol :confused:
Careful with your vaccinations guys. Live vaccinations such as yellow fever and mmr have to be taken with a period of 28 days between each if not taken on the same day so careful planning with your nurse is essential.

Well done all anyways.
Did you guys hear about a new vaccinate with meningitis which you need only need one rather having different shots. My nurse told me there limited in NHS or you can go private but since I am in the target age group they will order it in for me.No need to waste the resources on the old and dying:p but I am going to double check with operational health first.
I saw that somewhere, probably on here lol thats why i thought i'd just get the ball rolling by seeing docs today ;) Really want to get SC away as quick as possible as it seems to be taking ages to go through :confused:
You only need Men C, but the new one covers A, C, W & Y. If you can't get the new one, just C is fine. As HN says, careful planning with jabs required, you dont want any unecessary delays.
Have Recruitments number in your favs and stay in regular contact with them. Follow up everything you send them with a phonecall a few days later to make sure they've received it. I had to get them to double-check things a couple of times cos I knew I'd sent something they said was outstanding.

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Moodle, RFA Occupational Health might send you an authorisation form to sign to allow them to access your RN medical records, they did me.

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Meningitis acwy it's called. To get free on nhs you have to be at uni and under 25 I was told. Cost me about £33 I think privately. All reimbursed by RFA of course.
£80 is correct. My total outlay was about £270. All of that was reimbursed apart from the £40 for a discharge book.

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