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Hi guys I have my interview for a steward apprentice on the 27th of July.
What was the interview like ?
The ENG1 medical?

Really appreciate the help :)
Well done on getting an interview.
Learn about the RFA and the ships; names, numbers, crew sizes, their roles and where they are. Also, the new Tide Class ships.
Also learn about the Stewards role and the training. You'll be asked why the RFA and why Steward.
There's no question you can ask that hasn't been answered, in detail, amongst the threads on this RFA forum. Use the search function to do your research. By all means, you can PM me if you need to.

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Holy smoke that seems a lot to learn and remember any tips on how to study them ? Also I live on catterick near Newcastle do they pay for travel and accommodation? Thanks :)


Hey there! Well done for getting to your interview! Like @5oclockhero stated, best to revise about the RFA. I've recently passed my interview, a tip is to think about what ship you'd like to be on but also make sure you know the different class types! Revise WHO they are, WHAT they do, WHEN they were established!

In relation to travel and accommodation, I'm a scouser and came from Liverpool, the woman who escorted me said they reimburse for travel as we live far away from Portsmouth. There is a lovely Ibis hotel which I stayed in that isn't to far away, if you'd like to know more feel free to PM!


had heard about Scousers and was armed. Her colleagues nailed everything in the interview room down and made you turn out your pockets before you left.
Surprising I turned up in a three piece suit, I decided it was better not to look like I am fresh from a court-case ;) According to the Gate guard's I was the smartest looking one who went in, I know, a Scouser who takes pride in appearance.

As Scousers do.
Aye, but I may not of lived in Liverpool;).
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