Steward Apprentice Interview

Discussion in 'RFA' started by moodle, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. Received my date today for the interview section, im really chuffed but it came as a surprise as i was given the impression that i wouldn't hear if i'd made the sift till the end of the year and interviews probably in Jan 2016 :confused: However its all good. Has anyone else got a date on or near 24/11/15 ?? Nerves have really kicked in already lolo_O
  2. Great news and good luck, when did you apply?
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  3. July and sat my psychometric test beginning of August :)
  4. I've also applied to be a steward apprentice, albeit I applied in May, so I've had the interview and all sorts and I'm now waiting for the formal offer which should be in my postbox on or around 21st November. Hopefully.

    Then I start in January.

    P.S. Good luck.
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  5. Thanks and fingers crossed for your offer :)
  6. Do lots of research moodle. There's plenty of advice on these threads about what you can expect to be asked at the interview.
    Good luck.

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  7. Thank you :D Made a start today, organised chaos of notes written down :confused:
  8. Switched application from logistics officer to steward apprentice.
    How long from applying did you go for psychometric tests, to sift to interview ?
  9. Just checked exact dates. Applied 8th July, sat psychometric test 14th July and received interview date 29th October to attend Portsmouth 24th November ;)
  10. Moodle that's great.
    I've just received my RT at my afco and I only swapped applications on Friday
  11. That was quick ScottishChic :) Which I would think is a good thing :D
  12. Have to go for the RT on Thursday 26th ;)
  13. All the best for the 26th :D
  14. Same to u for ur interview, is it with Jo Reed by anychance?
  15. Good luck for your interview, Is this for the January intake or later in the new year?
  16. I think mines will be for later in the new year, think I'm too late for the January intake.
  17. I start in January and my interview was in July. I think the interviews this month will be for an April or June start, if previous years intake patterns are followed.

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  18. Cheers 5 was just curious how they worked it
  19. Doesn't say who interview is with just letter signed by Caroline Leeman recruitment manager. I'm guessing it's April/June intake :D
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  20. The training start date if I remember correctly is May 22nd, I got the interview the same day as you at 15:00.
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