Steve Preece's books. - Good or Bad ?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by The_Wonderer, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Firstly, this is not a personal attack on Mr Preece!

    I was recently given Steven Preeces first book "Amongst The Marines" from a work colleague who said he could'nt put it down, (but then he is very young). Anyway, I started reading it and got in to chapter six before I decided I could,nt take anymore.

    Sorry Steve, I'm sure you are a top bloke, but I personally did'nt think much of your first book and I dont think I'll bother with the second.

    (nothing personal mate)

    My questions are....

    1. Any other bootnecks read them, and what do others think of them ?
    2. How old wer you when you wrote them Steve ?
    3. How much of the books are fact, and how much is fiction ?

    A lot of people would be right in saying that I should of read the whole book before making a decision, but I tried, and could'nt.
  2. Been done before on various sites, a lot of guys who were in 45 at the time would disagree with a lot of what SP says. I was up in Condor from 79-85 and cannot remember seeing much of what was mentioned (doesn't mean it didn't happen).

    Another site "Once a Marine always a Marine", had a fairly heated debate with SP over his books. ISTR Steve left afterwards.
  3. Why don't you ask him direct, he is on here with some silly bootie name like greendeath or similar!
  4. I enjoyed both books, and got a lot from the second book in particular, as I was a bit punchy when a young idiot, worked a lot overseas a lot after leaving the rubbers, and like him couldn't cope with the attitudes of some of the assholes you end up working with, and I also sorted my self out through martial arts, family etc..

    As to the truth of what went on in 45? There were certainly some nut jobs about in the Corps in the 80s, and they were less pc times, and those bullied often kept their mouths shut.... but who knows? Only Steve I guess. Would I recommend them to an aspiring bootie? Yes, along with as much other reading about the Corps as possible to get a balanced view.
  5. I thought the book once a marine was a pile of shite. We all know how bonkers 45 was in the late 80's but it does'nt deter us from the fact that Preece has made all Bootnecks look like complete cnuts. It was utter garbage. And the end paragraph about what his oppo had said to him about his character upon leaving was complete chad shite. There is no way another bootneck would have said that, It was chadder than my dads Phyz rig.
  6. I certainly would not refer this crap to an aspiring Booty. If anybody thinks that bootnecks today are fecking hopeless Alkys then he is wrong, the lads in my opinion now are as proffesional as ever, Afghan should make that fairly apparent. Para reg write awesome books, Preecy wrote a fecking pissheads fairytale
  7. Has anybody got the link to the once a marine thread about him??
  9. This may help.
  10. Just read the linked thread.. Confirmed he is a reet nobber.

    Greendeath was the name he used in the Thailand boxing rings eh???
    Deary deary me.....
  11. To quote yourself "chadder than my dads Phyz rig"

    PMSL nice one Royal!!
  12. Does anybody else have fond memories of their pass out parade? I do...
    It was a cold, wet miserable yet hot and sunny day down the commando training centre and snow flakey icicles were hanging off the drill shed roof.
    The adjutant was there with his razor sharp shiney sword and his well groomed pony named Quentin. Before him paraded a troop of well honed killers with their shiney boots and shiney white helmets......... zzzzzzz. bla bla bla. If anybody else has any fond training dits feel free to bore us all with them.
    Renowned author of '' Once an Alky always an Alky'' and '' I had 37 punch ups before stand easy and did'nt even break a sweat'' and my latest novel of shite '' Its all the corps fault you know they made me into such a steely eyed killer''
  13. As a rubber we were just handed our lids by the memorial and got a handshake after 2 years of sweating like a rapist
  14. Never mind ex_rubz. Im sure Preecy could write up a novel for the Rubber daggers side of life as well, You never know he probably filled a few in in his time at warrior. Don't expect any royalties though, As Green death explained already he's not it it for the money.....
  15. Luke

    Dont you know that Rubberdaggers just play for 2 hours once a week then sit in the 300 club and get pissed??

    Rubbers are flexible enough that they can keep bouncing back at Mr preece when he pulls his ninja bollocks!!

    Have to admit that i read his first book and found it a tad on the far fetched side even though i havent been anywhere near 45 CDO

    "By Sea, By land, by Sunday teatime"!!!
  16. Lukep,
    You were obviously not about in the late 70s early to late 80s.
    There was a culture amongst some Booties of violence.
    Whilst I do not agree with all of Steves book.
    Some of it in fact quite a bit of it rings true.
    So why slag off what you know ferk all about.
    Have you actually joined yet or are you just a wannabe?????
    I was there so I know about the early morning wakeup call and the fighting in the Pubs and Clubs and all the other antics we used to get up to.
    Moral of the story was keep your mouth shut untill accepted then there was no wake up.
    Once accepted then and only then, would you be asked to join them for a run ashore.
    Keep dreaming lad,one day you to could enjoy the fun and games
  17. HAHAHA. Probabably the lamest effort of a bite i have ever encountered. Roll on Preecy...
  19. Definatley not Mr Preece fella.
    If you dont believe me,get a Mod to check my IP.
    Not even in the same country.
    Now answer my question you gutless wonder.
    Have you joined yet????(if so how about some details)
    OR!! are you just a wannabe?? seem to have seen your name on,other websites asking bone questions about joining.
    Keep dreaming fella.
  20. And that, dear reader, concludes the latest episode of ....ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.

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