Sterling's decline. I'm concerned......

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. Ahh, Meddlesomes plan comes to fruition and we bin Stirling for the Euro. Brown is henceforth known as the saviour of the economy.
  2. :thumright: Wasnt a problem last week in Tenerife All Inclusive teh heh :thumright:
  3. Bloody Great!!! Off to Florida at Easter!!!!!!!
  4. All inclusive? Tell us more about your GF, Tenerife! How much did she cost? What was included? does she have a brother? :nemo:
  5. It has affected me no end.
    When I first moved out of the UK things were OK, but now, my income has been devalued by 22.5% in the last few months due to the fall in the Pound. That's nearly a quarter of my spending power gone.
    I'm optimistic though and think it will improve next year.
    Until then I will slow down on my renovation project until things get better.
    That's if Brown & Co don't screw things up totally.
  6. Got it in one.
  7. Will it affect me........Thingy right .Lamri wrong.
  8. Don't think so. Our opinions might not coincide but that doesn't mean that either of us are right or wrong.
  9. Don`t worry it`s only a game..........
  10. I'm due over 7000 Euros of a rebate from the Dutch Taxman

    WOOOOO HOOOOO :thumright:
  11. Thats what I like a misguided optimist.

    The real problem today is that NuLabor hve spun so much they actually believe much of what they say now so we are doomed I fear, and with the fall of the pound against the Euro my escape plan is getting a bit pricey.
  12. It's what Cameron predicted would happen and was shot down by Brown for being pessimistic.

    All good stuff for the UK and sod 'all' the non patriots who buggered off.
  13. Don't worry too much Maxi, when Scotland becomes independent you will be reverting to the much stronger Bawbee. :thumright:
  14. I'm in a similar situation to GR and Katweazle. My pension will now buy me a bacon butty at the Naafia, but the German tax man should give me about € 250.00 back next year after the Federal Government got a well deserved slapping from the Supreme Court concerning a tax decision. Swings and roundabouts.
  15. Well lets face it right now the only currency doing worse than the pound if the Zimbawe dollar.

    I was brought up to distrust the sons of the manse, mum was right.
  16. I've just returned from a week in Turkey. All inclusive holiday in a five star hotel (Lara Limek, I would recommend it highly) for a total cost of about £310.
    As it was all inclusive this means everything is prepaid except for things like massages, hairdressing etc. I think that this is the way to go as once the holiday is booked and paid for currency fluctuations mean very little. I spent less than £10 and still had as much booze etc. as I could wish for.

    So for a good cheap holiday break, go off peak, book late and go All inclusive :w00t:
  17. Presumably, as the £ has gone down in value against the euro, Brits who own property in the eurozone have seen their investment increase,
  18. Yes it looks like last January's descision to book a holiday this coming January in Sharm al Sheik also all inclusive was a good choice. A real change for us as by preference we usually go self catering or B&B, so this time should only have to shell out for the gizits and extras, and if I am pissed all the time there won't be that many gizits or extras.
  19. I'm very glad I booked next year's visit to Spitsbergen six months ago.

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