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stepto, urban sailor and myself


Happy to say that we all passed out of HMS Raleigh last friday just gone. Proudist day of my life and such an amazing experience. If your thinking of joining the navy, take the plunge and do it.


Lantern Swinger
BZ to all of you. It's the start of a completely new way of life so hang on in there and enjoy it!


War Hero
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I remember my PO during basic, when he marched us down to the parade ground for our passing out parade he said, "This is the beginning gentlemen, not the end". How very true, the eve of a great 23 years (so far).


sammysideways said:
Happy to say that we all passed out of HMS Raleigh last friday just gone. Proudist day of my life and such an amazing experience. If your thinking of joining the navy, take the plunge and do it.

"take the plunge" :lol:

Me and Stepto did :p you went skimming and abandoned us :(

I still remember sitting there with you both on day 2 looking at that board of photos showing what we'd do in each week thinking it would take forever to get through phase 1. looking back now, its amazing how fast it all went by.

Did you get a chance to see the footage from our pass out parade yet? One of the guys here has a pretty good DVD that his family made, if you're interested then give me a shout next time you're near Mackenzie block and i'll see if hes about.
Now just remember

1. If you see some one running on your ship/boat stop them if they won't stop, run with them they know something that you don't.

2. All ladies are nice (or men if you bat that way) just some are nicer than others.

3. If its alcoholic, wet and paid for drink it you do not have to like it.

As told to me by an Old and Bold

Now you young lads just take care out there and ENJOY

Rather old and not so bold.
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