Step Son Applying For Weapons Engineer Role

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nottyash, Jul 12, 2014.

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  1. Evening Gents,

    Please excuse the question, as I'm sure its been asked before but….as an ex green job, with a step son who has an interest in the RN wondered if one of you could provide some info.

    He has completed the psychometric test and interview phase and has been told to go away and research what the role of 'Weapons Engineer' entails, what the training involves and what the life of a weapons engineer is likely to be like.

    Not having the foggiest I can't help him and wondered if one of you chaps can. Have checked previous posts they seem for the most part to deal with Weapons Engineer officer types. The exam questions therefore are:

    What does the training involve? (In phases please).
    How difficult is it?
    Once qualified, what or where is he likely to be plying his trade? (Shore based or on board a ship).

    Would appreciate answers on a postcard please.


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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sounds like he was knocked back at interview for insufficient branch knowledge. If so he'll have been given a time-frame in order to be re-interviewed with regard the areas found wanting.

    All the information such as initial training, phase two training, location, content, duration, qualifications earned etc., is on the RN website on video or in written text.

    It's appreciated some info can be gained on here and you obviously wish to help him but in truth, he needs to get of his arse and research his chosen career himself rather than be spoon fed.

    Apologies if that sounds harsh but he must've done zero research previously. That said, good luck to him.
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  3. Had to do a double take of the thread title there when I first glanced at it.Thought it read 'Steptoe and son applying for WE role.' :) As N-G says research.Good luck.
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  4. Can he sleep for 20 hours a day? If so he's going to be fine :)
  5. Thanks

    Thanks for the replies fellas and I understand the sentiment and the good natured advice. He has been told to return within 3 months, with documentary proof of his physical preparation (despite being fit as a butchers dog). I've actually had a look around the web and the RN websites and the detail (that he completes 10 weeks at Raleigh and then goes to Hampshire for his trade training) is a little scant. Hence the probing questions and more in depth answers from those who are at the coal face on here.

    Like any parent though, (albeit it a step parent) we try to help our charges in whatever they do, so I guess I'm no different. Sleep for 20 hours a day???? Where do I sign.

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  6. He will go to HMS Sultan for part 2 training which is in Gosport so he will be getting lots of seatime crossing between Gosport and Portsmouth when he goes on the pull:grin:
  7. Don't WEs go to HMS Collingwood any more?

    Has it sunk?
  8. Good to see that tax payers money is being well spent. Wouldn't it be cheaper to get a taxi?
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

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  10. http://HMS Collingwood Linky

    The perils of the inter web. The RN blurb (as part of our research) indicates that WE's are trained here, hence my reference to Hampshire in a previous post. From the response above, either trade training is done in a number of places or something is afoot. That's why I am trying to solicit answers from those who are really in the know - those at the coal face. I'm taking it that with recent defence costs, you are operating coal fired ships again? Thanks Notty.
  11. OOOOOOPs my feckup
    Just cos ALL wafu trades now got to Sultan (RIP Daedalus) I assumed that all Trade training was now at Sultan.
    Looks like no seatime for him on the Gosport ferry then
  12. Notty

    All WE training is done at Collingwood, if he's going submariner he'll do continuation training at the submarine school in Raleigh once he's finished at Collingwood.
  13. Thanks WreckerL.
  14. ..............Life as a WE is pretty straightforward,

    There are 3 recognised repair techniques:
    : the "Ferranti re-boot" - on/off, on/off etc.
    : if that doesn't work then it's the "willy-nilly board shuffle" - aka "plug n play"
    : if the above 2 don't fix it, then call the contractor

    In between any of the above then sit in the mess and drink tea (whilst taking shit from ME's or even Dabbers about your technical deficiencies /sexuality)

    That's about it really, alternatively try and convince him to become an ME!
  15. Become an AET, its much the same without all that grey metal sea shite!

    Going ashore doesn't entail asking some snotty subby for permission
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  16. Thanks. I'm a full service retired green job and I'm afraid that the only thing I know about the RN (other than it's the senior service) is not to call a ship a boat unless we are referring to a submarine. Explanation of acronyms and role specific tasks would be appreciated. I think the lad is looking forward to being at sea though as well as the opportunity to travel.


  17. How old is that PDF? It says 9 weeks training at Raleigh.
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  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good spot - about 3+ years.

    You'd have made a good Writer R3. And a Reader, for that matter. ;-)

    I guess that's the difference between a graduate soon to be studying for a Masters and a person that failed a first job interview.

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