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Hi guys and girls,

This is my experience so far, I understand there are many threads on this topic already but one more won’t hurt as it may help a couple of you in a similar process. Also if your like me and enjoy hearing other people’s stories it’s a nice read for you.

1) Recruitment Test

I started my application in January 2019, my careers advisor then contacted me a week or two later by email saying I had my RT (Recruitment Test) booked in at my local office for 6th March.

I went in a shirt and tie and arrived early, always make a good first impression as some arrived late which didn’t go down too well. The test itself was quite straight forward but maybe buy a book to help revise as the timings can catch you out.

I needed to score high enough for Engineering Technician Weapons Engineering (ETWE) as that is the position I wanted. After the test you have to wait a good hour to find out your fate and luckily I passed first attempt, I was even told I scored high enough to go in as an officer but that wasn’t what I wanted.

You are given multiple forms for eye tests and a medical questionnaire to fill out.

2) Eye Test and Medical Questionnaire

Fill out your medical questionnaire ASAP after your RT the same day if possible and get it sent off so capita can contact you via a phone medical.

You have to contact your local boots and book in your appointment, it is again nice and easy just a regular check up of your vision. They check the backs of your eyes and you do the good old eye test A E I O U etc, you then get your results to take with you and get them sent off.

With the medical questionnaire be as honest as possible because Capita WILL find out every little detail of your history.

3) Capita phone call

My careers advisor then emailed me to say capita would be in contact within 7 days, this turned out to be more like 30 days. Capita then emailed me with a date and time of the phonecall, which was in my case 6th April.

Make sure you have enough time as they may call early or late and the phone call lasts for a good 30 mins detailing what you have put down on your medical questionnaire hence the need to be honest.

Now with me being 27 and a bit broken due to lots of sport and being accident prone I failed my phonecall due to some back pain and a hip condition I had, this made me Temporarily Medically Unfit (TMU) from all the other forums I have read Capita will fail you and make you TMU for almost anything.

I also had multiple other injuries from the past such as a broken ankle and broken wrist and they also wanted to know about a hernia I had when I was 11 months old haha crazy huh?

So I was told I could either appeal the decision or reapply at a later date, I chose to appeal which I believe everybody should do, don’t get disheartened by a set back you can and will overcome the obstacle. Just remember there is no such thing as a smooth mountain.

I went to my GP as I had to prove I was fit for the Royal Navy and I knew I was, so after multiple visits to the GP and a local physio I had two letters and all of my medical history in order ready to send to Capita to appeal the decision.

This took me the best part of 5 months as I was being passed from pillar to post and things can only move so fast, but I was finally in a position to get all the documents sent off and I did so.

I had to wait a good 3-5 weeks to hear back from the appeal and I WON! I had a face to face medical booked in for the 6th October.

4) Interview

I was given my interview date via the portal around the same time I found out my appeal had been passed.

I again dressed smart and arrived early, you are in there for around 40-50mins and it is very relaxed! We spoke about all sorts but I would say revise the ships in the navy and the three bases.

A question that threw me was, What is your least proud moment? So have a think incase you get asked, these questions may not come up but it’s good to know.

I was told at the end of the interview that I had passed, I didn’t have to wait like some others have had too. I was given some more paperwork and a navy news, I was also given my vetting paperwork to fill out the same day when I got home!

5) Face to Face Medical

Now the medical side of things still wasn’t over for me haha! I attended my medical appointment with the correct ID, now I wore joggers and a t shirt but if you want to go smart with a change of clothes you can.

It is over within 20 mins and is nothing to worry about, eye test and ear test, quick check of your teeth, press ups walk like a duck you will have no problem.

We also had a chat about my medical history and why I thought I was fit to join, it got to the end and he said I’m happy your fit however your blood pressure was elevated after multiple attempts. (Really... Never had an issue before.)

So again I was made TMU and had to prove I didn’t have high blood pressure as I was reading 140/70 unsure why maybe it was nerves.

Back to the GP again and I had to book in 3 seperate appointments with a nurse to have my blood pressure taken to show it was within the normal range, I bought a blood pressure reader to try at home so I was satisfied it was a one off and I could relax in the surgery.

I had the 3 appointments then a 4th with my GP who was happy my readings were okay they were all around 125/68 which is normal for my age and weight. This took another 5 weeks or so to complete.

I then received an email saying I had a date for my medical notes to be looked at by one of the Capita DR’s which was 14th November.

My Careers Advisor then called me randomly on the 16th November to explain my documents had been reviewed and it had to be approved by a Chief Medical Officer.

So finally I received a call again from the Careers Advisor on the 20th November saying it had all been reviewed and I had finally passed the medical side of things! Happy was an understatement!

He explained on the phone I can now book in for my fitness test at a local gym my nearest one was over an hour away.

6) Fitness Test

I booked my fitness test in for 27th November, for 9am. I set off early but even tho I left at 7am I still only just managed to arrive at 8.55 the traffic was something else.

Filled out some forms and had a quick H&S brief and the dreaded blood pressure thank god it was normal!

Height and weight and then onto the run, 2.4km for my age 25-29 it was under 12mins 42, but the other times are 15-24 year olds 12mins 16, 30-34 year olds 13 mins 09 and 35-39 year olds 13mins 37 this is according to the navy website as of today!

I managed the test in 10.47 which was okay but I was hoping for under 10.30 which I will get when I have my PRNC.

I then let my Careers advisor know and he applied for my date which is the point I am at now!

I hope this all makes sense, excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes! Any questions please ask and I will continue to update when I hear anything further!

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