Step aside, limey, this is how to fight the Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. As I said in the Afghanistan thread, they can fcuking have it.
  2. "… Nato’s most senior commander in Afghanistan, David McKiernan, an American, has conceded that the British are locked in a stalemate in Helmand. Privately, British officials admit they do not have enough soldiers to control the ground. “We clear an area and the Taliban run away,†said one official. “But the soldiers can’t stay, so the Taliban creep back. It’s pointless.†…"

    Can't argue with that.
  3. They will soon add to that with their indiscriminate use of bombs and missiles and undo all the good work the Brits have done, arrogant sods that they are.

    As Monty says let them have it.
  4. The thought process that we have with regard to the broader effect of going kinetic anywhere just isn't there with the US. They will drop a 2000lb er as soon as a TIC kicks off, they just do not concern themselves with the trivia of consequence.

    In one respect, as Fink says, it will be sad to see the spams undo all our hard work, almost as if our lads have died for nothing. On the other hand this will see our casualty rate fall significantly and that can only be a good thing.
  5. They must be getting desperate to get that oil pipe line laid.

    Just hope they drop their ordanance on the right people.
  6. You could feel the desperation on the telly watching Kemp and his 2nd series. They call in an air strike close to their position and when they find it's a Yank pilot and flying over the wrong area they start to look at each other questioningly. Even made him over run the position to confirm he knew their position.

    Very worrying!
  7. The usual American "We know best." attitude. Pity is very often they don't.
  8. So if they're wanting to spray-kill all the opium crop, what do they plan on getting the locals to do for a living so they can survive by means other than joining the Taliban? Anyone?
  9. The Americans have never had any real grasp of how to conduct counter insurgency warfare. Their use of slegehammers to crack nuts has failed in Vietnam and it will fail in Afghanistan.
  10. What good news all the lads and lassies will be home for Christmas!!
  11. "Almost"? Can anyone on here really think that those who have died in Afghanistan (the vast majority of whom are civilians) have died for any legitimate reason?
  12. It amuses me that the US having failed in its mission to destroy the Taliban and having to call in NATO, now start criticising the replacements.

    IF you remember properly, the US originally reserved the fighting of the Taliban to itself whilst NATO was tasked with "Nation Building" (also it meant they didn't have to "play" by NATO rules on war-fighting. Unfortunately the Taliban wouldn't play along and the US didn't want to put in the resources to succeed, so they renegotiated the agreement with NATO to involve them more - unfortunately without getting a full "buy-in" from all the nations..

  13. Give 'em all one way tickets to Heathrow, a blank benefits form and a card with a phonetic translation of "I claim asylum as you bastewards destroyed my opium I mean I'm in terror for my life at home cause I dobbed in the location of the local Terry's arms cache for the reward. Where's my house?"
  14. That's quite common for Fast air of all nationalities, it can get quite confusing when there's 6 different compounds all with people in, especially when the blood is pumping.

    Blue on blues aren't exclusively an American disease you know, they might flatten everything but it doesn't mean they're not capable aviators. They've saved a lot of British lives.
  15. My mind was making the comparison between reality. What we saw on TV. And the images we see of previous conflicts, Viet Nam, where we saw the air strikes called in. No dummy run, a quick radio call and hey presto one gook emplacement, 10 metres away napalmed to blazes!!!

    To my mind that is the danger of getting hollywood war and real war confused. Perceptions of abilities get lost in some celluloid cloud.

  16. The Yanks had elevated Blue on Blues to quite an artform in Vietnam… 10% of their losses according to some estimates
  17. But - not to worry.

    I mean there our allies - Yes?

  18. As they said in WWII…

    Germans in the air, British take cover

    British in the air, German take cover

    Yanks in the air, everyone take cover

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