Steeming Bats - Boots

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Hermes_R12, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Anybody know what these are really called or have the NATO stock number. My last pair went off the back of the quarterdeck. I need a new pair, Yes I know I can get them off the Pursar, but can't be arsed to explain why etc, etc

    Do you know where I can buy a pair online ? There's that many boots on the internet these days and websites it's a nightmare.

  2. Used to be called boots DMS but like all things they have probably changed since I was in

  3. Just nick someone elses and then change them, it's a tradition dontcha know.
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  4. I always thought DMS stood for Dems My Shoes
  5. Direct Moulded Sole or Did Mine Stink.
  6. Boots safety conductive on the boxes in my stores.
  7. Cheers fellas I'll check out the linky
  8. They are not bats ! and I think I do - can;t get away with that, DMS is what i'm after.
  9. Try Bogie Knights Mount Wise Devonport

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