"Steel bow for Queen Elizabeth class leaves Appledore"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Re: "Steel bow for huge warship due to leave Appledore"

    Nice to see the yard getting some work. They did an excellent job with Echo & Enterprise, but unfortunately got shafted by VT. Happy days having lunch on the front watching bootnecks getting landrovers wet. Then there was the big night out in Barnstaple.
  2. Re: "Steel bow for huge warship due to leave Appledore"

    a condradiction in terms, can't have a "big" night out in Barnstaple! :lol:
  3. Re: "Steel bow for huge warship due to leave Appledore"

    You can if your spending the rest of the week in Appledore!
  4. Who'd have thought back in the 80's we'd be using Russian ships to transport the pieces of our new Aircraft Carriers eh?

    Good article, positive step towards getting the things!
  5. WTF are they doing building the sponsons (probably the second last bits of structure to go on)? Hopefully it's journo rubbish and the bits of steel are chunks of the lower bow section - required early. Last week, the concrete dock blocks at Rosyth looked nearly complete and the Goliath crane track footings were being poured.........
  6. Lets hope it doesn't end up off the coast of Africa then...
  7. Re: "Steel bow for huge warship due to leave Appledore"

    Oh, I see your point! :p
  8. The steel parts are in fact ONLY PARTS of the Bow section..

    Like they say More to follow.
  9. It doesn't say how long it will take to melt it down to make shell casings for Afghanistan :D
  10. If you build it, they will come......

    Pinch - surprised only in that the units in the piccy looked like uppers, no upstand for higher shell plating and no visible green. Must get the shell expansion drawing out and have a gander...
  11. The Bow & Bridge section is currently in a field at Cowes, well a scaled down version so if there are cutbacks we can have a 1/4 size carriers. Ready for Radar trials.

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