Steam Torpedo Boats

Discussion in 'History' started by Pongo863, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Sorry to bother you matelows, but some years ago I had a friend (sadly no longer with us) who claimed to have been 2IC on a steam torpedo boat during WWII. I can find no references to this type of boat being used by the RN during WWII.
    Could this be true or was he just walting at my expense?
  2. Interesting stuff (seriously)...had never heard of these ships and on checking a number of my WW11 RN related books of the period, no mention of them at all.

    Nice one!

    PS....did find this link which may be of interest as an 'old hand' relates his time aboard the SGB HMS 'Grey Seal' during WW 11...along with his other experiences.
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    which link?
  4. Think I saw something of the sort mentioned in a Douglas Reeman novel but never anywhere factual. Awesome find

  5. Sorry...senior's an age thing....or something....I blame it on post 'Admiralty Three Drum' syndrome....

    Another good link is:

  6. Not torpedo boats ,but Steam Gun Boats ( SGB)

    The senior officer of the flotilla of steam gunboats was Sir Peter Scott, the son of the great explorer, Scott of the Antarctic, who named the flotilla of steam gun boats after grey wildlife:Grey Goose, Grey Fox, Grey Wolf, Grey Seal, Grey Owl.

    Read Scotts autobiography ,"The Eye of the Wind", which has his WW2 exploits therein.
  7. Thanks, it's intriguing to find that it's not just me. If only I could have got Jeff to talk a bit more...
  8. I thought it useful to resurrect this thread as I have recently come into possession of a first edition of 'We fought them in Gun Boats' that has a hand written note at the front of the book from a PO Wallek or Waller who served aboard HMSGB Grey Seal. Please see the link below for the info from the other thread:

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