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Stealth Photo Thread


We won't need drugs soon, if things don't liven up on RR we'll all fall asleep anyway.
I phone up samaritans now and again to cheer myself up.
The twat at the other end sounds like an undertaker with the blues.

To liven it up have a new thread.

Rules are very simple. Similar to the self shot thread on Arrse

1) The picture must be taken by you. No sneaky Googling for those in fear of being caught.
2) The person in the photo must be unsuspecting
3) Anything boring earns you a week tied to a stake with only Jedward and Keith Lemon for company

So to kick it all off
2012-05-06 22.11.52.jpg


War Hero
Book Reviewer
And to quote Keith Lemon nosh, that is bang tidy! Where do you chance upon women like that? Fat chance of me finding one in Drake today!


There should be a picture of the young woman next door pulling her knickers up in the back bedroom but I fell off the ladder and the old bill confiscated my polaroid, I'm up in court next week, what's voyeurism?


Frog, walking past pretending to text.

Sharkey, next time go for an older woman. They either appreciate it, and if they don't then you can say you were living out their voyeurism fantasy, but they must have forgotten in their old age


When I said "young" I meant younger than me, she's about 74, it was the sight of her NHS gnashers grinning at me in a glass on the window ledge that made me fall.


War Hero
Tried to get as close as Noshmon but was rumbbled, may be if I had been cool I would have susseeded, but I think the letch with tongue hanging outgave me away?


  • Cropped sussed.jpg
    Cropped sussed.jpg
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Good effort Sumo!

Got a night out with a pongo planned next week so I'll prime him and hopefully have some more up soon


Lantern Swinger


War Hero
Did not to get any closer in case I lost my camera?
Comment first one to small, one for noshmon with a bit (shed loads) of cleverage, hi risk of serious damage if she hit you?


  • woman sumo (2).jpg
    woman sumo (2).jpg
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  • Ass of sumo.png
    Ass of sumo.png
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Bollocks! Rumbled! Time to move back to the Westcountry methinks. Hopefully they'll have forgotten about the mishaps there by now


War Hero

:blob2::lurk:Stealth Photo of a scary cuddly toy, taken at close quarters with risk to life and limb, at least, Noshmon, the police are not looking for me in Fareham:argue::sign1:


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