Stealth Amnesty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. New Labour is about to implement a “stealth amnesty†for 200,000 asylum seekers, the Tories warned last night.

    Full Story Here:
  2. The report states that nobody who has broken the law will be granted citizenship. Surely they are illegal immigrants and therefore have already broken the law by not requesting asylum when they landed on these shores?
  3. Law ? New Liebour ? Does not compute..............................
  4. You're jumping to a conclusion there! Where does it say that they did not request asylum when they landed on these shores?
  5. It never stops does it?already we have cities that are no go areas for other people not of that religion.
    Can't people see it,I'm never against hard working people from other countries coming here to better their and our lives,but illegals should be kicked out if they have passed thru another EU country which they all have.
    If we supplied the same benefit,housing etc law as France and others they would not flock here although the English Language is a big draw.
    You know it's bad when the West Indians and the Asians legal immigrants here are complaining about the influx.
    We need expertise in the immigrant workforce not illegals standing on the corners working for a pittance by gang bosses.
    The points system does not stop the flow of illegals so up comes another amnesty.
  6. BorderForce: The Movie

    Coming to a theatre near you, 2010.

    They're going to need a bigger boat...

  7. Our resources are finite on this small island we cannot afford to keep taking in foreigners, maybe we should adopt the policy of 'feck off' we are full'?
  8. That won't happen, though, finknottle.

    They are a means of tapping into an easy money supply.

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