Stealing from your own guys

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by deusex, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. The tea leaving at my unit is out of control.
    Any kit goes missing and the higher ups respond with "your bad kit security, bad admin, etc".
    How bad does it have to get before this is an insufficient answer, I mean I really should be able to hang up a coat, forget it due to being pished and return to find it the next day.
    Or am I lving in a fantasy land
  2. Then hatch the *******. Have you thought about setting a camera up that works on motion detecting? Loads of them around.
  3. ===========================================================



    Would you tolerate it at work/school/Uni?

    If it's as 'out of control' as you state then why not man up and harangue those 'higher-ups' until it ceases or the thief is caught?

    If not on your own behalf then at least have the spine to speak up for those other victims equal or subordinate to you.
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  4. Thieving is THE most henious of crimes in the mob. It's a criminal act so therefore call plod. Maybe then the grown ups will get the message about there piss poor management.

    If you do know who the thieving fugger is, then as suggested hatch the twat. See how much he can nick with broken fingers!!!!
  5. Is Mess thievery not a sign that Unit cohesion is bad? The "higher ups" need to get their act together sharpish. Wouldn't be tolerated in the RN.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Your previous posts allude that you're an Officer Cadet in an URNU or posible Bursar, not entirely clear which, perhaps you would like to illuminate us all?

    In any event you do not inspire one iota of confidence in the future potential Officer cadre if you decry your potential employers & cannot succesfully look after your own property without claiming your own shortcomings are the fault of others in an open, public access forum.

    A tip: Get a grip & wind your neck in pronto lest others, far better informed, may accuse you of being a complete tit.
  7. Stow your kit then you anus. Leave shit loafing and will unsurprisingly go missing.
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  8. Still means that you have an opportunistic thief amongst one's midsts then.
    I used to be too trusting on my first ship - lost steaming bats, ear duffs, fowlies. I soon learnt not to trust anyone - sad state of affairs. Yes kit was marked but obviously not well enough.
  9. Your worried about my criticising the RN on an open forum?? You mean like half the posts on here?
    Leaving my coat on a hook for 12 hrs is a "shortcoming"? Wow, maybe I should reconsider this whole career choice?
    Does everyone with less than 20 posts just get told to f*** *** then?
    Please don't confuse me with a dribbling 18 yo URNU member, I simply don't like my shit going walkies.
    Your attitude that any item of kit going being the individual's fault is pretty much what I was getting at in my OP.
    Seems you're in the minority.
  10. Must admit, that would spook me as well.
  11. No he's not, if you don't stow your kit it will go missing. Same as anywhere. It's your fault, end of.
  12. Anyone who says it's my own fault - perfectly valid opinion. And I came on here to see if I should do anything or just look after my kit better.
    Anyone who just wants to use phrases of the day like "wind your neck in" to (what I thoight) was a perfectly valid question isn't helping
  13. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen! Only today I gave my spare FWJ to an oppo who has now had 2 stolen* from the coat hanging locker on one of the floorplates in Navy Headquarters.

    *I was going to say liberated but that sort of softens it - It is theft, simple as that, if it is not yours regardless of where it is left and you take it then it is theft and you are a thief.

    To the OP - You have my sympathy, lesson learned the hard way. You are the victim of crime! report it to the service police, if they're not interested then report it to the civvy police. What will that achieve? Absolutely nothing! but will give you the crime number required to claim on kit insurance.

    You could say that the punishment no longer fits the crime. Now I will never condone 'hatching' but I know of a recent summary trial on a destroyer where the perpetrator, who had been stealing directly from his fellow ship's company received less than a months detention.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Jeez. Life. Get one.

    Theft is simply abhorrent, whatever the circumstances.

    Stupidity equally.


    Thirty years experience of working with complete knobs, some with a valid engineering degree, admittedly counts for little.

    Whilst many may bow to the infinite wisdom of a university graduate or undergraduate, there are some that may suggest an intelligent indivdual, with leadership potential, were capable of addressing and correcting an issue rather than having a pathetic bleat on t'internet forum.
  15. Tell you what NS,
    I am incapable of addressing and correcting this issue, instead of random ramblings about knobbing engineers, please, humour the little guy and tell me what YOU'D do?
    Who knows, maybe one day you'll be in a situation which you're not sure how to deal with.
  16. DeusEx

    Just wondering. When you say "the tea leaving at my unit is out of control", this suggests to me that you are implying that there has been a spate of thefts at your Unit, above and beyond the one which you have mentioned specifically ie the loss of your jacket. Is it the case that others have suffered losses and have said so?
  17. Yes, I'm not saying anyone's breaking into lockers and stealing people's wallets, but it's a running theme that any kit left unsupervised will go. Kit's one thing, but one chap left a not cheap bottle of alcohol (gift for someone else) unsupervised in an open locker whislt he had a shower, when he came back, gone, Phones/cameras left in the bar by the (admitedly far too pissed) members go unreturned. Maybe I'm being naive, but if this happened, at say, British Gas (my last employer) something more than "you've got to learn to look after your kit" would be said.
    I mean these are students after all, not crackheads from south Manchester
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2011
  18. Don't leave the ******* the temptation is the answer. If you leave it out, you are far from blameless, but gypo bastards cannot be excused! And, if you do find them, string em up by the ankles and see what falls.
  19. agreed (on all points)
  20. Ill tell you what deusex, I bet NS has been in many situations like that but i bet his overcome them.

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