STC v PTA pilot.

I am sick to death of all the newbies on this site being steared towards STC as a look how hard I am option. I have read all the postings propagating STC as the "in thing" and the "one".
Bollocks to that. Many many brave men turned to the much maligned PTA as a source of proving their prowess.
Jock McBuntin the yeoman is a prime example of the daring do attached to this most heroic of SQ's. He never flagged in his pursuit of this career, and although not always able to keep up to speed with this branch, he winged his way into the history books with his adventures in Gulf war 1.
He did a solo into Baghdad in his famous "Red winged" little plane and single handed dropped his deadly load, General Unified Tracking Solutions (GUTS) all over baghdad enabling the allied aircraft to know where the targets where, by literally sniffing them out as it were.
Let no man try and play down how he returned drained and thin faced from this mission, and then having to ditch into the hostile sea.
He received three medals in the canteen for that venture, and how many of us can say we walked around with three canteen medals.
Yes hats off to the brave men and women of the PTA branch of the fleet air arm.
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