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Mullets were all the rage back then. And now for something completely different.
Here's a snippet from a "lost" STC Training Manual.
I've only posted one of the sixteen ciphers we had to get to grips with.
Get cracking.

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The clock is ticking...

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Not wanting to breach anyone's PerSec, but I heard a STC wannabe on this site (cough Sumo cough) read this straight through in a minute. AND UNDERSTOOD IT!!


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Not wanting to breach anyone's PerSec, but I heard a STC wannabe on this site (cough Sumo cough) read this straight through in a minute. AND UNDERSTOOD IT!!
Shhuuush language skills and cyphers are to be kept out of the public domain, your life may now be at risk.


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The STC armourers sub-unit, (the T.rial W.eapons A.rmaments T.esting S.ection) came up with these personal firearms back in ****
Codename "Shite Hawk Shredder", its main purpose was to eliminate those noisy screeching bastards on a Sunday morning when HMS PAINFUL personnel were permitted to have a bit of a lay in. Didn't even have to aim it. After a Saturday night piss up, all one had to do was open their cabin window at fuck'o'clock in the morning when the irritating squawking feathered c*nts started to congregate - point it in the general direction of the bins and squeeze the trigger. Ten at once. They soon got the message and pissed off to land fill sites.
Version two (the Meerkat Mangler) was used purely to hunt the furry little swines when on desert missions in the Namib or Kalahari. Nimble bastards, but they couldn't get out of the way fast enough. Went down like lines of dominoes. Oddly enough, a spit roasted meerkat tastes like shallow pan fried mackerel. Delicious!


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Q. V. S. G. "Op London Skirmish"

In days of yore, London was a shit-hole.
There was huge areas of slum dwellings were gin soaked prostitutes plied their trade and robbers and homeless children clad in rags sat huddled together in miserable bundles on every street corner. Yes Knightsbridge, Chelsea and St. John's Wood were in a right state and property values were crashing through the floor. The government at the time tasked Q. V. S. G. to clean up these (and other) areas so that the families who had made a good living from the efforts of their relatives in the slave trade back in the day could live respectable, decent lives.

(Q V. S. G. Sniper Team using an AK1 "Tramp Terminator" Long Gun work their way along Kensington High Street on a daylight cleansing mission - tuppence a tramp.)

The AK1 could do half a dozen at once, so it was a very profitable operation.

Q. V. S. G. physiologists even convinced the penniless ragamuffins that the boxes being provided for them to "sleep in" were a present from the goverment. Less mess.

(A night out on the foaming ale guaranteed).

Operations of this type proved extremely successful. Property prices sky rocketed thereby ensuring that descendants of affluent families could afford second homes in Cornwall.
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Those that dwelt in the sucking, oozing mud along the banks of the River Thames were also removed by Q. V. S. G. Boat Flotilla 22, (known as "The right bunch of punts"). Specially adapted vessels soon put paid to their wretched existence as anyone who has been to Canary Wharf recently should know. I mean... look at it.... they've got more cash in the office tea boat than I paid for my fucking house.!

(Bunch of punts on a Banyan Blast).


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Ex STC members have recently completed a refurbishment of the biggest (and best)
cleaner used by the bunch of punts.
"Big Bad Boris"
Operated by Q V. S. G. (1) Henry Scabb - it cleared Greenwich of riff-raff in less than two hours. A feasibility study is being undertaken to see if a squadron of these would be of any use in the English Channel after Brexit.



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The bunch of punts on park bench clearance duties.
Hyde Park boating lake. Waiting for darkness before commencing Op Dosser.

"George, can you 'ear splashin' noises"? "
" It's just the ducks Herbert. Go back to kip"

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