STC - Special Force!

With a liability for World-Wide Operations, trainee STC Specialists learn the principles of Geogsec the hard way.


Hence prospective Trainee U. Bluit Jnr. was RTU'd at 0801 on Day One - Corps legend has it was that he was welcomed back to General Service with open arm pits.


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Passing on our knowledge.

Always, always expect the unexpected...and don't expect that to be expected either"

There are many European S F Strike Teams that just like to kick doors in and blunder from room to room yelling "CLEAR!!!" every ten seconds, just like on the television. Here we see STC Gordon Nodrog demonstrating that this 'aint a very good idea during a search for extremists exercise with a so called crack team from The Isle of Man.
"They can twat the doors off and come through 'em armed to the fuckin' teeth, but they don't think to check the kitchen cupboard were the Cornflakes are stowed", said Gordon.
Several holes were drilled in the helmet of the first man before someone yelled the safe word.

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13 STC Fast Boat Unit on a decompression break in Paphos, Cyprus were seen by a load of fit ladies aboard a multi billionaires luxury motor cruiser as they paddled by on inflatable tractor tire inner tubes. They were virtually skint, hadn't washed in a month and were living in shipping containers on the side of a hill just outside the town.


Absolutely no contest.



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The use of animals on special operations with STC.

(1). Homing moles.

Pigeons are noisy, coo a lot and their wings sound like rusty gate hinges, so using typical STC reverse logic a live trial was conducted to see if these cute burrowing creatures could be trained to carry secret messages via the underground instead. An ultra sonic signal device, planted in the grounds of the distant STC HQ would guide the homing mole back literally under the noses of opposing forces. In order to match the speeds of regular homing pigeons, the moles were fed on a diet of worms stuffed with steroids, MDMA and cocaine. The trial was scrapped when the moles went bat-shit crazy and vanished.
It's rumoured that David Attenborough has filmed evidence of a colony of drug crazed moles living on the Galapagos Islands almost three decades after the trial was abandoned, and that's a long way from Glebes Farm, West Yorkshire were the initial tests were conducted.


"Anyone got any Charlie?"


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Lost overboard in heavy weather. The lanyard came adrift in my hand, honest, Chief.
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PO STC Jim Robb who designed this sniper camoflague outfit for Spec Ops against poachers on the African continent. He proved its worth by slotting several poachers whilst hiding in a herd of zebras.


When it was pointed out to him that his name could be altered into a rude spoonerism, he changed it by deed poll to Ray Gomper.


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STC Special weapons.

1. The pan sword.


You had to be extremely strong to be able to run someone through with it, but it was bloody good for a full English fry up when on escape and evade exercises


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STC(Armourer) "Baz" Jeblonzkiwchzyzyich
whipped up this special close quarters contact bit of kit in the kitchen of Rear Admiral Blenkinsops (name changed) official residence in order to make his escape after almost being caught dicking the Admirals wife. Baz was a great fan of the television series *The A Team* and his instant deadly rabbit job was later improved upon by the addition of masking tape.



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Declassified files which are now in my possession prove conclusively that the BBC television show *It's a Knockout* was actually a recruiting programme for STC(Humint) personnel. Eddie Waring was actually headhunted by STC(HR) and proved to be an invaluable asset. Many civilians who appeared on the show were given new identities and specialised training and they often gave valuable support to live ops.

Eddie Waring, checking out potential recruits.


Two of these "Knockouters" later served with distinction on Humint operations in North Korea.(The yellow ones).


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