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STC - Special Force!

Parade ground, HMS PAINFUL. STC trainee Quentin Fudge cocks up during a practice march past. He was then ordered to march to St. Austell in Cornwall and buy a pasty for every member of his unit. When he returned two weeks later, he was promptly ordered to march back to Cornwall again and get a load more because the ones he brought back were cold. Passed top of his class and served with distinction 1970-1979.

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The only STC hopeful who actually asked the question "What's the best iron to take with me to HMS PAINFUL whilst I'm on course?"
For his sins Bertram Wright-Twatt spent a month atop a Devon Tor with his iron, ironing board, two jars of Marmite and 1 imperial gallon of seawater until he atoned.
He did not die and his kit was always immaculate.

Hide in plain sight.

Specialist Surveillance Officer Jed "Turps Slurper" Stone. Here, he is covertly surveilling the Belarus Embassy acting on intel that a British subject is offering to sell them state secrets. Jed is stone cold sober and has been since his RN leaving run in 1989. 21st century spy kit has never been Jeds "thing" save for a micro video camera sewn into his jacket and human psychology dictates that a drunken, manky specimen of humanity will be totally ignored by everybody, unlike a "builders van" parked in the street for weeks on end with no sign of any work being carried out.
Alpha Group (Belarus) didn't have a fu*king clue, and the traitorous British bastard was taken by Snatch Squad 13 a week later, flown by helo into the centre of the North Sea and dropped in it in a kitbag full of blacksmiths anvils.


STC door-busters break into Virgin Medias main call centre in Mumbai after being unable to get anyone to sort out the crap data signal they get when out on exercises.


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