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Discussion in 'RR Greatest Threads' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. The elite STC branch are recruiting NOW. Ask your AFCO for further details:

    This DIN provides details of the Splash Target Coxswain (STC PTA) course, formerly Larne Target Coxswain and procedures through which volunteers, both regular and reserve may apply to join the Royal Navy as an STC. These details are for Direct Entry STC, details of sideways entry into the branch for current serving members can be found in 2009DIN02-067.

    The primary role of the Splash Target Coxswain is, as the Royal Navy's only specialised gunnery and targeteering branch to:

    Provide specialist coxswains to pilot Splash Targets at sea.
    Conduct direct cueing for Airborne and Artillery ordnance ashore.
    Real time and delayed reporting of information including enemy activity and Battle Damage Asessment.

    STC PTA Course:

    All skills, physical ability and attributes required to carry out the duties of an STC are taught, practiced and evaluated during the 12 week STC PTA course. As a basic requirement, you must be able to achieve a minumum MSFT score of 11.5 and a 2.4km run time in not more than 9:30. You must also succesfully pass the Combat Swimming Test and Short Range Communication acuity test.

    Students should arrive with a robust attitude and with a good understanding of British Offensive Weaponry. Upon applying for entry into the branch, your AFCO will provide a pre-joining booklet which you are advised to study.

    On completion of the STC PTA, ratings will be drafted to a Frigate or Destroyer as their first draft before becoming eligible to volunteer for land based operations with 3 Commando Brigade and the Royal Artillery.

    Those who have the aptitude can then progress to SC STC and serve with the SBS for a maximum of 3 years.


    The age limits applying are 18 - 32.
    RT score min 72
    No educational qualifications are required for this position.

    Promotion within the branch can be swift due to the high tempo of operations, average times are:

    STC (1) 4 months
    LSTC 2.5 Years
    PO STC 6 Years
    CPO STC 10 Years
    WO(1) STC 13 Years.

    Places are limited on the upcoming courses so ask your AFCO for further details NOW.
  2. Can I do it in the RNR, if so might give it a go!!!
  3. Yes mate it's open to regular and reserves. You might find yourself going straight into the Land Based Offensive Ops role though due to your experience.
  4. They're a good bunch to work with - they did a para drop out to us off Gib for an exercise, quite steely all told.
  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I thought they were super secret and linked to 49 Para and therefore hush hush?
  6. I'm surprised they're now giving this information out at the AFCO, it was something that was only usually offered during the early part of your career, and then only usually to those on their first ship that showed particular potential.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Indeed, I'm surprised MLP managed to get the Job Description as we were told it was only open to a select few who were identified at interview & the announcement wasn't for general release. :cry:
  8. When I did my course for STC, the only delay I had in the way of promotion was a short period where I was sidetracked by a quick period of STD. However I soon was back in harness and completed my training within 13 weeks. I was on the crest of a wave. :)
  9. We're gagging for people, the attrition rate on the STC PTA is huge at the moment due to failures on the Target Handling stage at week 7 and the Bombardement Battery Director stage at week 10. The boss is trying to get the right calibre of people to step forward and fill the gaps due to loads of lads being sent on Herrick. Hence the physical standards being lowered and me being allowed to put this up on here.

    It still takes a huge amount of skill and determination we're just casting our net wider to get people through the door.
  10. That sounds actually far more interesting than the job i'm going for. Ninja, you reckon I could transfer my application at this late stage?

    Or can you go into it later as an officer, say for the larger splash targets as towed by Aircraft carriers?
  11. Fair play to you mate, I found it extremely difficult to get two blue suits and a burbury in ours never mind a fcukin skeleton. Where did you put it for Captains rounds? 8O :D :) :wink:
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Personally I reckon we have far too few STC trained Officers & reckon it should be incorporated as part of Initial Sea Training during Live Firing Drills (Gunex).

    Just give your ACLO a bell, Taff (AFCO link below).
  13. I think i am correct in saying that this branch is not offered (or advertised) as an option by the AFCO, however, what would their stance be if a prosective recruit requested it as direct entry these days?
    I know somebody who is considering a career in the RN/RM and this may well be right down his street
  14. MLP, are there any FTRS possibilities?, civvy street is boring and I fancy a change
  15. We don't believe you. :D
  16. sssshhhh MLP doesn't know me :lol:
  17. So the course is only 12 weeks now and they have lowered the fitness requirements. What has become of my beloved branch?

    I suppose needs must during these difficult times. Seriously I would recommend giving it a go to anyone who thinks they have got what it takes.

  18. Hi MLP,

    There is certainly a need to attract the 'right sort of applicant' but the STC branch badge illustration is missing.

    Can you show one in this thread? A Gold or Red one would do and it might draw in a few more inquiries.


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