STAZI UK. Orwells Tip of the Iceberg

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I am at a loss to understand the thinking; if that's what it is, behind the seeming moral collapse of the authorities in their determination to take away the responsibilities of the parents and put in place political ideals that have no place in the family. By intimidating parents they allow the youth of today to behave in irresponsible ways knowing that parents can do little to contain them. I know that the majority of today's youth are very well behaved and will make very good citizens, but, for the rest, a firm hand, in the appropriate place, has a use in society. As a 15 year old I was shouting at my Mother when my Father came into the room. I was so busy verbally abusing my Mother that I didn't notice him, but I did a few moments later when I picked myself up from the floor. His backhander did the trick, as did his chat with me later explaining the error of my ways. I never cheeked my Mother again. A short sharp lesson can work wonders.
    Can you visualise the Parent saying to a child " don't run across that busy road again dear or I will stop you watching TV for a week". The responsibility of raising a child lies with the parents. Let them get on with it.
    Rant over.
  2. How can they take action against her when Corporal Punishment is NOT ILLEGAL in the UK, in the home.
    It seems to me that the myth of it being illegal is perpetrated for the very reason that the bleeding heart liberals, and PC brigade would like it to be but failed when they tried to make it so.
    Still all these unpopular laws are passed mainly through our own apathy, only the minority are heard, until its too late.

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