Staying out of Submarines

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by baby-tiff, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    Got a small tiny question, hope this is the right place for it:

    Anyone know how a baby tiff can stay out of a submarine draft?

    I got no problems with general service but the thought of a submarine petrifies me, help.
  2. Easy,just fail the Medical.It "might" be that you "cant " pop your ears,or have claustrophobia?Just a suggestion.Drop by your sickbay and ask a freindly MA just what the Medical entails then you might have a basis for a Plan.
  3. Grow tits.
  5. On a boat. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Have a sex change operation.
    Seems to be all the rage in the RN nowadays!

  7. Go and have a long heart to heart with a sin bosun….them boys have more power than any DO.
  8. Further thought.
    Request transfer to the Army.

  9. Or the RAF they need people like you!!( Don,t forget to grow a beard)

  10. Ah bless , :roll:
  11. Thanks for those comments all.

    i've got a follow up though, can we really request a transfer to the RAF / Army, or is that a bite?
  12. Bite. You have a return of service to honour.
  13. Don't fight it, Go for it!
    I'm an ex wafu but worked with submariners after I left the services. Finest bunch of men I ever worked and drank with. Worth going submariner just for the mates you'll make.
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I joined Boats in the '60's, in the same draft was a Scots lad who announced that He would not go into Boats but would fail the written exams.

    He sat the exam at the end of the course and got 1 per cent for putting his name (correctly spelt) on the top of the blank sheet.

    Result, a visit to the Commanders table, a fifty pound fine (think of what thats worth in todays money) and 14 days number nines to assist with his studying.

    He was also told that if He failed next the next time around everything would be doubled and would continue to double each time he failed.

    I think He got 98 per cent at the next attempt, I saw him a couple of years later and He was as happy a a pig in the mire., still in boats
  15. If you join your 1st boat as a Baby Tiff - you'll be in the JR's Mess for breakfast - get rated up and have your dinner in the SR's grot and probably end up in the Bunhouse as the MEO for supper. If the thought of serving with a bunch of very worthy people is not your bag - B&Q are advertising for trolley pushers.
  16. What would he have been like back when we had O boats?

    Tiff's ain't what they used to be… :(
  17. I knew a POSA who got drafted to submarines and didn't see the funny side.

    He ended up having 'coffin dreams', nightmares where he dreamt he was being buried or drowning and the like.

    He got returned to General Service.
  18. Shakey, thanks for that dit.

    I think i'm sorted now folks.

    Ta for now.
  19. In general they can spot some one working their passage pretty well, and have their ways of dealing with it. Like Janner I knew many pressed men, but very few ever tookthe otion f return to GS when it was offered. Probably the most effective way of getting out of it is to ensure yous shipmates in yur part 3 boat want rid of you, then you will almost certainly get the heave, but leave behind 100 blokes who think you are a c*nt.

    I remeber a UC2 who tried to get of his bomber draft by claiming he was queerand the PV guys just laughed at him, got drafted anyway with his clearance too.

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