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Stay at home dad?


Lantern Swinger
Leaving the mob in just over a year, got a new (18 days old) baby now and wondering what my options are.
Been talking with Mrs DF and once we pay off al our loans credit cards etc we will still have quite a sum of gratuity left and the income of my pension. Mrs DF is better paid and we are thinking of me becoming full time stay at home dad whilst Mrs DF stays in work (only does 3 days at the office a week so I could do part time work)
Anyone doing this or tried it? Are there advantages (no child care to pay etc) or disadvantages (stuck in the house a lot) that make it a really good or bad idea. We will look seriously when I have just 6 months left to go.
Any thoughts anyone?


War Hero
Congratulations on the new baby, Drewfester, that's wonderful news.


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When my brother was laid off by the local council 2 years ago he tried it for a while and very quickly got stir crazy, fat and very, very bored. 6 months later he was back in a new office.

That said, they are in the fortunate position of my sister in laws retired mother living just around the corner and looking after the two boys 2 days a week and bringing down the childcare costs now he is working again.

He ******* hated it.


War Hero
Not wishing to dole out advice, there are advantages to your plan.
1.The tax man wont get as much out of you.
2. It will give your misses a break from the baby and will allow your more premium time to spend and bond with your child.
3 . You know the baby will be safe something you cannot be sure of with other childcare arrangements.
4. A lot less stress for both you and the misses, just don't forget to feed the mite as I once did.
5. Think you may get a tax break if you work for no more than 16hrs a week.
Whatever you decide don't get Finks to be a Godparent



I'll look after it, kids love me. They think my gash tats are hilarious and are the only beings who find my dits amusing.


Lantern Swinger
Sorry MLP, I have my own gash tats that I will have to explain to my daughter when she asks, may cover one and put her name in instead. Gash dits I have loads too :):)
Just something me and Mrs DF are thinking about, I have. Big workshop so I have room to do my stuff and have a toddler with me, once she's toddling :))
Soleil, thank you!!
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