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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by OptiMystic, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. After reading through some of the threads here, I just found myself wondering something.

    How well placed would the RN be at the moment if it was forced into a large scale, sustained conflict. To give a measure of what I'm talking about, think something between the Falklands and WW2.

    Include: Size,
    Difficulties against some countries Air Force'

    Would we weather it well until the politicians pushed enough money to start building up? Or would we be up a certain creek, without a certain implement?
  2. Even retaking the Falklands would be a non starter now as the FAA has no radar equipped fighters.
  3. :\ I didn't know that.
  4. i dont think it would get to a position of having to retake the Falklands due to the presence of MPA i think the bigger threat is probably Putins growing ambitions, may be the Government has forgotten that we are an island nation
  5. I was just using the Falklands as an example really. I was just considering the scale and wondered if we'd be ill-equipped to deal with it.
  6. Mate, we couldn't retake the Isle of Wight ;)
  7. Well, who could, when you have that titan - the Isle of Wight ferry, on constant patrol?

  8. Hayling Island should be OK though, only have one ickle boat… :thumright:

  9. I reckon we could retake Lundy if the need came for it. Just send a load of bootnecks over on the ferry! (Or commandeer the helicopter.)
  10. Could we retake Rockall?
  11. Who in their right mind would want to take Rockall in the first place? :thumright:
  12. Don't see why not.
    HALO jump on to it maybe? Or send a frigate and use its helicopter to drop someone there with a flag and pole. Wouldn't really fancy trying to climb it from a seaboat.
  13. Though if anyone wanted to go somewhere warmer could always try this place. Small French garrison to deal with so shouldn't be too much of an issue.

  14. There's fvckall on rockall!

  15. All you would have to do is fart loudly and they would leg it back to france.
  16. What if we used our SSNs and their Tomahawks to knock out the enemy planes and airfields before our task force entereed the war zone?
  17. There may be f**k all on Rockall but it's what's around it that's important.

    We have many such outcrops of Britain throughout the World and our economy may in the future depend upon them. That isn't a problem so long as the other boys are playing nicely. Should one of them become peevish, though, and try to pinch our "lolly", we can't necessarily rely upon the UN or our allies to help us out. Unless we sign up to the EU Superstate, of course, where we all share our assets and mutually defend them.

    All in all, one may as well have been born a bloody foreigner.

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