Statement to parliament: Foreign Secretary Statement to Parliament on Syria

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 6, 2013.

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  2. Heading back to the cold war again? Russia supplying the Syrian government, Britain supplying the rebel forces? Although America is has said they are not planning to arm the Syrian rebels 'At the Moment', what will happen if/when they do.

    Kerry: U.S. not planning to arm Syrian rebels 'at the moment' -

    And even worse, if the rebels do win, and they become an extremist sharia government like Libya has become, what will our good old buddies in Isreal do?

    Israel warns UN of Syria war spilling over borders | JPost | Israel News

    Israel v Syria: A rare Israeli attack on Syria | The Economist
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  3. Sadly we are no longer a global power. Our defence capability has been cut to the bare bones, yet still our politicians involve us in conflicts that are essentially Arab problems. Our involvement in arming rebels means we'll be sucked further into this melee.
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    But we still give away more money
  5. Check out the near East -Tunis, Egypt et al! American foreign policy is built around a map that resembles the middle ages - 'here lies dragons!' is about advanced as they get!
  6. Is Syria not one of the last country's surrounding the Med to have its "Arab Spring". You'd think that all this is part of a plan wouldn't you ... Someone say Euromed? Looks like the Syrian leg hasn't quite gone to plan.

    The EU doesn't like dealing with dictators; No, that's the preserve of Brussels
  7. So now, it is noted that Prince Charles is involved in the Syria debacle. To me it looks as though the plan isn't working as planned if a reliance on the Royal Family is being called for.

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