Starts Midnight Wednesday

At Midnight Wednesday, it is my avowed intent to Quit Smoking.
Messages of encouragement will be most welcome as I will be
going FU**ING MENTAL!!!
Was going to start on 1st July, but thought, balls - bring it
forward........Read my blog (here) on the horrors of going
"Cold Turkey", as and when I have the mental capability
to post anything. :whew: This is going to be fun...........

(A couple of *No Smoking* reminders:)
Give it a go. My advice don't panic, just a step at a time .. I've been 18 months without smoking and got very little encouragement from the guy I was going out with at the time.

I tried about 10 times before I went Cold Turkey - lozenges are useless IMHO

Chewing gum is great, find some you like and carry 20 packets, strong mints too. My massive cravings didn't kick in until about 4 days in.

My reason for stopping was that I couldn't breathe properly. I lost loads of weight when I was smoking heavily (up to 40 a day sometimes).

Good luck with this - feel free to PM me if you want - hey think how much nicer you will be to kiss when not smoking. Perhaps all the women on RR could give you a snog if you can keep it up?

I'd be more than willing but I am very old (50 soon)

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

:hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump:

:thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:

Obliged GR. :thumright:

Midnight tonight! Got one of those little plastic artificial fag things to
chew on, plus a bagful of Extra Strength Mints. I'm going to be a
bastard to work with for the first few days/nights (no change there
then). Its the Final Countdown. ^_^;
hey baddog.. you will be fine......... think of all the fun things that you can get away with whilst your givin up... like.. you [email protected] to your boss.... then sayin oops im going cold turkey... cant help it... or jus bein extra grumpy.. then seein how many people cringe when you come in a room..
gota have some fum with it....
can always PM us girlies fr support... i gave up years ago.. and Goldie is also doin well.......

please tell us that its you and not spike thats givin up.. as i see he has learnt how to use the comp now........
BBD, I kicked it nearly 4 years ago. Best thing I ever did and easier than I thought it would be. I was 20+ a day and had been voted least likely to quit by my oppos.
Good luck mate - as GR says, one day at a time. Just think: £5.50 a day soon adds up.
I managed to stop when I lit my last fag and my Zippo ran out of fuel so I thought why not quit.
It was agony for the first two weeks and then ok.That was 21 years ago.
Best of luck.


Book Reviewer
bigbaddog said:
Obliged GR. :thumright:

Midnight tonight! Got one of those little plastic artificial fag things to
chew on, plus a bagful of Extra Strength Mints. I'm going to be a
bastard to work with for the first few days/nights (no change there
then). Its the Final Countdown. ^_^;
I went the mint route when I quit in the mid 1970's, addicted to them now you just can't win o_O o_O o_O
Good luck BBD. You can do it!
Here's some of the things that can happen to you when you give up:

You get food cravings.

You might turn to something else instead.

But if you don't stop you could stunt your growth.

Above all remain calm.

21:15 gmt - less than 3 hours to *Zero Tolerance Hour*
This isn't a wind-up - no patches, Zantac or Nicotinel, and
I shall stick to me guns...otherwise this thread will be a waste
of time! Thanks for the words of encouragement. Arcadain
DID threaten an unspeakable sex-act in the chat-room 'tuther night
if I failed in my mission....which was enough incentive for anybody
believe me! 36 YEARS of tabbin' (22 in RN - 14 as a civvy).
I am now going to get FIT and go from THIS:


(My warped SOH shall prevail!) BBD
p.s. The top one 'aint me.....honest.
BBD Good luck mate, I gave up in January, not a resolution just thought "this is fecking daft." and did it. Had an old pack of Nicorete gum (And I'm talking years not months!!) and chewed that for a week and so far so good.
Best of luck, don't beat yourself up too much if you waver, nicotine is more addictive than Heroin, just keep striving :thumright: ^_^; ^_^; :thumleft:
14:15 GMT

Had a kip after the Night up.....and no - no demented
craving for a ciggie as yet.........what's good about this is that I
haven't told the wife I've actually STOPPED....want to see how long
it takes for her to notice I'm not outside the kitchen door puffing
away like a good'un!.

Watch this space. BBD :stop:
13:00 GMT

You've heard of the Tooth Fairy - well, the Nicotine Nymph must have visited me in the night, because I woke up this morning and coughed my guts out. It's probably my lungs rebelling. I can hear them yelling, "OYY - WHERE'S OUR MORNING CHEMICAL COCKTAIL THEN YOU BASTARD!"
Well, they didn't get any and I must admit that I still don't fancy a smoke, which is a bit strange seeing as I was smoking for nigh on 36 years. My wife STILL hasn't cottoned on to the fact that I 'aint had a ciggy in almost a "whole day". Now for the psychological bit -
I have, on numerous occasions said "I am going to quit smoking...blah-blah-blah", to which the answer has always been, "Yep - heard THAT before". (Cut to Garden Shed - clouds of luvverly smoke billowing out of the door - me hiding 20 Mayfair and a lighter behind boxes of powertools!) .....stupid twat! Your breath chucks up, your clothes smell and my wife started to wonder why I was suddenly addicted to Extra Strength Head-Blowing mints - which I ate by the packetful.
Then I type *Starts Midnight Wednesday* and inform any any/every reader of RR (Gash Barge) Threads of my intention to give up the Demon Weed......and f**k me - I've stopped!
Okay - it's only been one day, but as Chairman Mao Tse Tung once said "Every journey starts with a single step"
We shall see :biggrin:
You may find it gets bad round about day 3 - happened to me every time. Still you learn more about yourself every time.

Just posting this to give you a big virtual HUG

x :hug:
What has tickled me is the quit smoking ads that ended with the tag line...

'NHS Smoking help line'

Brrp Brrp ,,Brrp Brrp'' Good morning, NHS smoking help can I help ?''
'' I am 14 and have just started smoking, I get through about 10 Silk Cut a day, is this ok''

'' No , you should be on Capstan Full Strength, real chest cutters..and at least 40 a day''
''Thanks for the advice, I will switch today''

One week later...

Brrp Brrp ''Good morning, NHS smoking help can I help''

'' I phoned a week ago and you recommended that I smoke 40 Capstan Full Strength a day, cough cough ....I have tried these and I think I need more of a ' hit'...any thoughts ?''

''Ok...I can see your problem, personaly I smoke a pipe between cigs and
it works for me, an ounce of St Bruno a day should do the trick''


'' Thanks again ''
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