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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Shay1991, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi. I've recently started the process of hopefully joining the navy. And looking to become a WE and I see there recruiting. I have my RT on the 13th of this month. Was just wondering how long it all takes if it runs smoothly, I've been looking and no one really gives a clear answer. Also I plan to get married in feb 2015 just wondering if that will be a problem!?
    Thanks, shamen

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  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Length of time will depend on the branch (trade) that you are applying for.

    Couple of questions for you.

    1. Male or Female

    2. Do you wet the bed

    3. Are you over 35.

    4. Why get married before joining up, a couple of years afterwards would be better.
  3. Like I said hopefully going for WE. Do you know the time for this?
    Only after a few scoops. Just kidding
    No I'm 21.
    And I planned to get married before I decided to join. But I was hoping I'd be in by then. Not set an exact date so sort of flexible. Just making sure if I'm in by then it wouldn't be a problem and I could take my holidays
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have a good look through all of the threads in this fourum. Theres one titled When are you going to Raleigh you might pick up an idea of waiting times from that, they are flexible.

    It might pay to delay wedding plans until you know when you will be joining, you can then look at the training dates etc it might not be possible to get leave to suit those plans whilst under training. Leave dates then are fairly fixed.

    Good luck.
  5. Well I applied in March 2010 and am joining this month. All depends on the demand for specific roles at the time though. Your AFCO will be able to tell you what the current waiting times are for WE.

    As for getting married then there are advantages. For example you'll have a little more in your pay packet as you won't pay for your accommodation in the Navy. Also it used to be the case that they took a little less off you for food while in training but am not sure if that still stands.
  6. Ok great. Thanks for the info guys.
    What are you going in as jim?
  7. Writer Submariner. First four weeks at Raleigh were fun! And cold. And wet.
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  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you enjoying it to date Jim?
  9. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    I start as a WE in November. Will be 22 months from my test to entry.
  10. Very much so. Glad to have got the wet and dry of MTU out of the way and also Pier Cellers. Everyone i've spoken to that is about to pass out lists those two things as the worst parts of initial training. Even then both of those evolutions were mostly fun and very interesting.

    I'm really looking forward to Dartmoor & Havoc. I am also looking forward to the day when I manage to climb up a rope properly and am praying that it happens before IMF pass out in week 10. Hopefully the work i'm planning on putting in over Easter leave will pay off and i'll nail the technique.
  11. Surprised to read that about Pier Cellars. When I did it, albeit 36 years ago, it was considered one of the best bits of Raleigh, and more recently, end of the 90's I went out there with trainees a couple of times (still voluntered for stuff right til the end) it was still considered one of the highlights of training - wonder if anything has changed. Dartmoor is certainly tougher (for want of a better word), and though I enjoyed it as I like stuff like that, it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea and I know a fair amount of trainees considered it pretty close to the bottom of their 'enjoyed that' lists.
  12. Pier Cellars was only open to Stokers and Dabbers in my time as they did their pt 2 training at Raleigh mid to late 60's, after seamanship training the dabbers went on to do their specialist training @ Cambridge/Dryad/Vernon.This was end of first week in Pt 2 and as you say Guzz it was a hoot.
    And Faith , Hope , and Charity of course.
  13. What is pier cellars or do i not want to know? Is it worse than (insert infamous rum rationers user name here)'s cellar?
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  14. Rig a rope up at home from the ground floor to your bedroom window. When you've gone up a foot or so, get your mum/partner/local loon to set fire to the bottom of the rope, trust me, you'll get up that rope faster than than a ferret up a drainpipe :)
  15. You would love it 3 Rachel, adventure training with a kick, that is if they still have the death slide.
  16. It's one of Raleighs off site training facilities, it used to be a small fishing harbour just outside Cawsands. It was used as a Special Forces base during WW2. Just google the name as there's plenty of phots.
  17. As the others have said Rachel, it's a mini-adventure weekend and I think the routine has stayed pretty much the same since I was there. Pretty good assault course run and some other various sports/physical things. In the evening when I did it we had a barbeque, though when I went there in 98/99 the trainees had to put on a 'SODS Opera' - light hearted spoof stage acts which you have to make up yourselves, often having a dig at each other and your training staff (be careful!). Next day is a pretty easy coastal walk for several miles along the stunning Rame Peninsula (I'm biased) and back to Raleigh. Used to be the first break in routine during training, even a couple of cans of beer for those old enough on the Saturday night - though some or all of the above may have changed. It's certainly a thing that if you have the right attitude you should enjoy.
  18. Hope so, death slide sounds exciting :D thanks wrecker, i had a cheeky google and it looks challenging but i enjoy a challenge, need to work harder on my upper body strength though to tackle some of that, dont want to be the donkey of my intake or whatever the weak one is called :p
  19. Thank you :) ahhhh i am getting excited about raleigh now, realistic about the rigours of training but excited none the less :D)
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  20. No death slide now and certainly no beer. Still do the assault course and walk. You also have to build a raft to carry your instructor across the harbour, which is great fun in the middle of December when the water is at neck height. I imagine it's quite enjoyable if you do it in the summer.

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