Starting to sound like a real Navy!!

I'm going to put this here as I know I will catch a lot of incoming from our resident (Un) Civil Servants.

So we now have the all powerful Type 45, the orders for lagging on the new Carriers and a few somewhat complete FA Subs, is it just me or is the RN starting (on paper at least), to sound like a real Navy again?

Mind you we have yet to be told what said ships and boats will be fitted for but not with, have to disgard in the way of placating Crab n Perce and of course which hulls we get to keep as opposed to those promised. Plus the fact that evidently the Andrew is so bad at retention that there may only be enough matelots to take one of these to see at any one time.

Has anybody got info, do the carriers have 6 man/women cabins or are they in messdecks?
Dont think that could be Possible on a proper carrier??? But Hey Up!! Theirs no Cat/Arrestor wires. On these 2, So thats a no no for Fixed wing AWACS :roll: So maybe anything is possible, re accomodation??
I Hear tell that the manning is going to be a major issue on the new ships
and they are going to have to mothball a number of ships just for the numbers game
talk about robbing peter to pay paul
With this so called recession you would think there would be hundreds of potential Jolly Jacks knocking down the doors of the recruiting office. Life must be way too soft on the dole, no reason to try and get a job.
i think that they are being to picky regarding potential recruits
i think that they need to show the flag more you dont see much rnadvertising about at all

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