Starting sep 2016?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by tinak212, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. Starting my training at HMS Raleigh 5th sep, steward apprentice, is anyone else starting this date? Also can anyone who has completed training/apprenticeship give me an idea of what to expect, what its like at Raleigh, the places you have been etc

  2. Raleigh isn't too bad! For the first 3 weeks or so, you'll be doing paperwork, English, maths and ICT and then after that you'll get to delve into the actual practical training side of it! You'll get Friday afternoons off which gives you ample time to head down to the Ships Company bar! And on rare occasions you'll get Wednesday afternoons off as well, as that's when the RN do their sports malarkey. I'm a chef but I know a little bit about the stewards course as I shared a mess with a couple of stewards for a month or so, I dont know a whole lot but I know some things but on a different note I believe you'll be in my mess, so if you need anything or have a couple questions then feel free to drop me a message!:)
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  3. Hey I'm also joining then as well, also a steward apprentice
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  4. Sent PM to tinak212 and ScottishChic with a course run down of what i just completed :) Im sure you'll help them get settled in Sophia :p
  5. I'm sure Adam will! It'll feel far too odd without all of you there though!
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  6. JELLYFISH lol :eek: Ive not heard anything yet so its still a maybe back to Raleigh for the competition stuff before getting a ship but i'll let you know when i hear something :D
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  7. Seems like I be the only man on Sept course, not that I am complaining. ;)
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  8. haha your a store assistant at lidl, im also a store assistant at aldi. its my last shift on tuesday, are you looking forward to start training?
  9. I'm on holiday at the moment and sent my notice in so won't be back lol
    I am so excited but really nervous as well, what about you?
  10. Adam will be too busy making cups of tea for the rest of us. He managed to get away with it for a whole month before leave
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  11. Lol and i bet he gets away with not making the wets once you get back :D
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  12. So long as he makes up for it at the bar I'll let him off
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  13. Bribe him with Haribo's! That should do the trick.. Colin got a tray from the open day raffle.. get Adam to put that to some use!
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  14. Speaking of bar what's alcohol prices like? I can get a pint of cider for £2 in my local weatherspoons so anything over £3 is expensive.
  15. £2.80 in Ships company bar and £2.00 (i think lol) at the Leading Hands bar, cant really remember as i was always steaming when in there lol :eek:
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  16. I already found the weatherspoons in Plymouth I will be fine. What's rule on going back to the base drunk? Knowing what I am like I be chatting up the sentries.
  17. Some of the Guard room staff are a good laugh same with some of the lads on the gate :D
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  18. When are you not steaming Ange?
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  19. Just now lol :p
  20. Hi guys, I start 18th September. I had shin splints for several months even during my prnc. I believe they have gone but I am concerned they could come back. For anyone that has passed raleigh could you please tell me how often you do phys that is running or circuit training? (I don't have to worry about swimming) is it every day or every few days? Thank you

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