Starting PT After An Injury-Advice

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by SamForrest, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys,this is my first post. Im 19, and im currently in the selection process for the Royal Marines.Ive had my tests and interviews,all thats left is the medical (thursday) and fitness side of things.

    Im currently taking a couple of weeks out of training as ive developed shin splints.But im going to be going back into it soon hopefully. I should be looking at a PRMC in September so ive got a few months to up my fitness yet,and hopefully gid rid of my shin splints.

    Ive been lifting weights for a couple of years,and only really stopped and focused on CV work since Feb.At x-mas i was around 15 1/2 stone,im now 13 as all i do is CV stuff and bodyweight excersises.

    My training in the last few months as been ,running 3 times a week, some cycling/cross trainer work,and bodyweight circuits. I recently uped the intensity by running after a 20 minute skipping/circuit routine ,but i think this,plus extra runs has caused me to get the shin problems.
    My current best 1.5m time is 10.20,and 3m is 22.0 ,I can do the required press ups (60-2mins) sit ups (80-2mins) and pull ups (min 6- my max is 18 pull ups)

    What i really want to get better at is my fitness,i want my running to improve ,and also my sprint work as a fair few people have said to me thats the best way to train.

    When i start training again i think im going to run just twice a week,and try one on softer ground to ease my shins,whilst doing some swimming and cylcing.

    Would be good to see if anyones got some advice on getting back into training soon after an injury,and also what i can do to improve more on my running time/speed work as oposed to long drawn out runs.

    Also,to add insult to injury ive got a very mild case of swollen glands and the sniffles,ive got some stuff from the docs,but ive got my RM medical in 2 days,this wont be a problem will it?

    Nice site btw guys.... oh and ,ive been known to dress in womens clothing before....does this mean i can get in the Corp easier?
  2. Sam

    Sounds like you are doing fine as far as the training goes. My advice for shin splints is to just rest them as long as possible as they seem to be a bitch to get rid of. Also. the advice that i was given for this problem prior to my course down at CTC was to keep the shins warm by wearing long socks. Worked for me, hope it sorts itself.

    Good luck

  3. Look at your orthotics Sam? Low impact exercise will help. Pinta x
  4. Sound advice from the others Sam. Softly, softly catchee monkey!! Take it steady and work up to the level you need to get to.
    BTW definitely Royal Material with the whole dress thing. Good luck with it.

  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi Sam,

    Again, shin-splints- reduce your runs slightly to rest thm, wear insoles, make sure your trainees are well padded in the heel. Check & double check you have well padded heels- street or fashion trainers- bin! As described, try cycling & regular swims to maintain your CV but reduce impact. DON'T wear boots or carry weights on your back at this stage.

    Your 1.5 mile run needs to be bought down to below 10 minutes dead- 9 min 17secs a good target. (Recently reduced from 10 min 45 sec).

    18 pull-ups- 'kin 'ell- are you doing them correctly? Back-handed, thumbs out, legs uncrossed, hold chin above beam for the count of 5, keep feet off the floor? Sit-ups: keep knees together, press-ups: close-arm, hands shoulder-width apart, elbows touching sides parallel to body, chest touching the deck on each dip. If all correct fine- again practice quality, frequently. weights, if any, small load with repetitions. Layer exercises.

    Good luck.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    All I can say about the fitness tests is just dig out, they're not looking for the finished article but someone with the potential to become it.

    Shin splints....there a bitch, no easy cure, I feel I've only just got over mine and I've been out of the corps for donkeys years mate.
  7. Cheers for the reply fellas. It seems like shin splints are pretty common in my situation after reading through the forum.

    Ninja S- Yeh my runnings the bit i need to improve on still,i ended up doing like double the running i was used to,and id only been running for about 2 months anyway so i think i jumped into it a bit to soon,hence the shins.

    The pull ups are correct mate,thats the most i can do,wide grip overhand.I got a bit of strength in the back and arms from when i used to lift weights,and its stayed if thuogh i dropped the weight off,which has helped.

    When i was running (havnt for a couple of weeks) ive been using running shoes that i got from a propper shop,but im thinking about poping down there,and seeing if maybe i can get anything extra to put in for padding
  8. Lots of sports shops have computerised "tracks" where they watch the pressure areas on the soles of your feet as you run and can supply you with an appropriate insole. I know of one in Portsmouth and one in Plymouth, but can't remember the names. The Portsmouth one is in the Mountbatten Centre. Proper footwear and building up from low to med then normal impact exercise is the way forward. Good luck!
  9. Sam

    As far as insoles are concerned there is a brand called superfeet that can be used effectively in your pussers boots and probably your running shoes. The idea is that your feet are contoured to them so that all of the pressure points and problem areas are cushioned. Check them out mate

  10. Cheers guys.

    I had a look around on the net NuttyB, and found the superfeet insoles you mentioned. It seems like their a universal contour that then mold to you feet when you put the shoe on yeh? Bloody expensive though

    Are these one ones you mentioned?

    Im getting so restless at the moment,havnt done any phyz for a couple of weeks now as im resting my legs,and ive just got a cold!
  11. Sam

    Yes thats them mate, check them out as you can insert them into all of your footwear. I'm restless also mate, supposed to be doing a mountain marathon this weekend but injuries have prevented me doing so.

  12. Shame.Its so annoying as this type of injury isnt much on the outset,but means im stuck on my arse most of the time as i want to recovery asap!

    I just came across these, have a look mate,seems like quite a good concept,not sure if their commonly used? I think its basically a insole,that you heat in the oven,and then place in the shoe,you then stand in them and allow them to cure for 2 minutes to your exact foot shape.
  13. Yeah seen them also mate

    Just try to do lots of low impact exercise in the meantime and it will pay off in the end.


  14. Sam

    Also look at:

    Similar to Superfeet insoles, except with these you can heat mould them (in the oven or microwave I think) to give a more customised fit.

    If you opt for Superfeet, note there are two main types:

    Light green if you have normal feet and light blue if you have flat feet. Its important you differentiate between the two, as the green will have a more prominent arch which will cause you problems if you have flat feet like me!!

    Funnily enough Ive NEVER had problems with my shins (always just used sorbothanes), until I bought trainers/insoles to help correct my over pronation!!


    Edited to add, I posted this and then noticed you beat me to it. DOH!!
  15. Yeh im going to leave it till the weekend till i start again i think,let my cold settle down. Then ill start with some swimming,and cycling,maybe doing one run a week etc.

    Bit gutted though as i was told i could go on a PRMC at september,but it looks like i might only be able to get 2 good months of training in by the way things are.Should be enough ,just not ideal!
  16. Sam

    Dont worry about it, the PRMC will wait mate. If the Corps want s you then they can wait until you are 100% fit for purpose. and believe me you will need to be. :thumright:
  17. Yeh i know mate,your right,but its hard to think like that when your so geared up for it!

    Anyways ive just orderd some of those Sole Footbed things,the heat curing insoles,i took mine out of my running shoes and was shock as to how thin they were,so hopefully when i start running again,that plus somthing like grass will help me recover. When i went to the doctors yesterday for my cold (actually more like flu) and got some pills i mentioned the shin splints,and he said he used to be a runner,and said,even if i rest them the pain will still be there and to just get on with it as bet i can as it wouldnt go anytime soon! Not what i expected from the doc lol.

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